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In a world of virtual giant organization stands out.  That might be a great opening for a movie if we were in the movie preview business, but we're not.  We are in the business of getting you the information about all of the local organizations that vitally need a hand this year more than ever and be it a virtual fundraiser, or a great day on the links like Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lakeshore has in store for you September 25th at Chase Hammond, we're on board to lend a hand!


It's a timeless organization really.  Big Brothers Big Sisters has been around since 1904 and the premise, it's simple.  All they ask of you is to find a little time to spend with a kid to keep them on the right path.  It's not a matter of how much money you spend.  It's not a matter of where you go or what you do, it's a matter of the realization that who you are and what you have to give is so much more important than money or "things".  You have experience, you have wisdom, you have street smarts and know how, you've been there before and done that.  What's being asked, is that you take a little of that, maybe 4 hours a month and share it with someone younger than you who needs a hand in the guidance department due to circumstances beyond their control.  With 1 parent families, parents working more than one job to keep their family afloat and the pressures of life becoming more and more apparent at younger ages, that steady hand once in a while is so urgently needed and even if it's just to be there to let them know that while things might seem upside down once in a while, there are others who've been there, and life kinda usually works out somehow. gopherClick Here to Register Your Team for September 25th

That's where Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lakeshore comes in.  They have a list of kids who are waiting for a hand, they also have the same things to face all of our human service charities have had to face during the pandemic, and that's trying to manage how to do all they do with restrictions, shrinking funding, limited staff and of course, their own families to take care of.  It's not been easy on anyone, however it is easy to see the trickle down effect that all of this has had, and how it's going to effect the young people served by BBBS of the Lakeshore.

As the pressure starts to come down a little, some of the activities that are "normal" when it comes to fundraising, they are making a comeback.  While we might not be able to have the fancy sit down dinners or costume themed party's just yet, we can get out of the golf course and enjoy a beautiful day for a great cause.  Here's your chance to to do just that on September 25th at Chase Hammond Golf Club in Muskegon.  A beautiful course just off US 31 will be filled with a day of fun like you'd find at any other event of the like.  Plenty of games sprinkled along the course to keep things fun and raise a few more dollars.  There will be auction items to bid on, a meal provided and of course, you'll have plenty to go home and lie about how awesome you did golfing that day.  You will of course get parched while playing so keep an eye out for the beverage service and more!  Sold on the idea yet?  We thought you might be.  They are also in need of hole sponsors, a couple more items for raffles and the auction and all of that, so if you've got a soft spot in you for kids, pitch in a help out will ya?

Denyel McCallister is the newly appointed Executive Director of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lakeshore organization and we met up at the tee of hole 1 at Chase Hammond to hear all about it, get the 4-1-1 right here!


Get some friends together, get out and get yourself in on the fun for such an incredible organization.  Hey, in a world of turmoil, in the middle of a pandemic, all is being done to maintain a little normal with a fun day on the links, which in the long term, will help support a little normal for a young person who needs someone there as a friend and mentor to help navigate growing up a little.  Our thanks to Denyel for having us out to talk about the great time coming up and if you'd like to know more about the BBBS of the Lakeshore, visit their website by clicking below.

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