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The Event itself is over, but the show and info is important.  Learn more here.


Tonight, we're proud to present the Hats and Horses Benefit for Pioneeer Resources of Muskegon.  Youll have a chance to learn a little more about the work that Pioneer Resources does and how they enrich the lives of so many.  Their MIssion statement is clear - "Our mission is to help people with disabilities and seniors attain independence and dignity by creating opportunities for participation in the community. People in pursuit of: a place to live affordable housing and specialized homes,  a place to learn vocational training, ABA therapy & community living supports programs, a way to get there transportation services, a place to grow and play camping, recreational programs"


At the conculsion of the program, please click over to the Pioneer Resources Facebook Page to join them for the raffle drawings as the state license requires the drawing to be held live onsite at the designated place of the granted licence. For now, enjoy the expericnce of the virtual Hats and Horses event to benefit Pioneer Resources on the Muskegon Channel.