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If you are an animal lover, and most everyone is, you know that Muskegon is incredibly fortunate to have the care and attention placed into our rescue community that we do.  There are all kinds of agencies out there with the well being of strays, surrenders and emergencies in mind and while COVID has seen a slight downturn in how busy some are, the reality is the work will never end and there will always be the need for animal care between in any number of circumstances.  


Pound Buddies is once such of these organizations and they work in a bit of a dual role.  First off, they are a charity organization.  The work they do is run by volunteers, fosters and donors.  They are also under a contract with Muskegon County as the Animal Control Agency which has been a topic of conversation to a lot of people over the recent past.  Their 10 year contract with the county actually provides a huge cost savings to the tax payers compared to what the county would have to spend to operate everything under their control and of that contract, that means that Pound Buddies has to be at the ready 24/7-365 for any kind of animal emergency.  If someone passes away and their pet needs to be care for, it's Pound Buddies.  A hoarding incident?  Pound Buddies.  Maybe it's something as bad as a dog fighting guessed it.  Pound Buddies to the rescue. The waters have been muddied by a lot of mis-information over the recent past about Pound Buddies and what it is that they do in the county and that's part of the conversation today.  Well, that and some pretty incredible news about their move coming up! pb openFind Pound Buddies on Facebook

If you've been to Pound Buddies on Keating, you know right's desperately in need of..well, it's not desperately in need of anything.  It's past it's life span and Pound Buddies needs a new home.  The exploration began for this and as quick as it began, the search was over when John Hughes of Hughes Builders said he had an idea.  Hughes Builders was in the process redesigning the space they needed for HQ on Laketon, and since the older building is still in great shape, out in the country a little and has room to expand, he said "What about our building?"  So it became.  As construction wraps up on the new offices of Hughes Builders, construction on the new location for pound buddies gets underway which will end up having more than double the space, an outdoor play area for dogs and handlers, adoption rooms, staff training facilities, open air possibilities with the current set up of large overhead doors that can still be opened when conditions allow and so much more.  The days of the "dog pound" are going to be a distant memory and the new, modern animal rescue in Muskegon will be as current and modern as can be with plenty of room for expansion and a limitless future.

It's taken a lot of work by a lot of people to get things this far, and there's a lot more to go too.  Jan Jacobs is a name that's pretty familiar around Muskegon.  She retired from Mercy Health in 2018 and kind of felt that she had not quite completed her work yet.  She's taken on the role of Campaign Director for Pound Buddies and she joins us today to talk about this exciting new project.  She's also here to set the record straight about what's been heard and said about the county's involvement with Pound Buddies and clear up the confusion there.  We also talk a little about the timeline of events and how you can get involved.  Take a listen.  



Things are happening for the good of all in Muskegon, including the furry ones!  We're always happy to lend a hand to our rescue operations around town and Jan made it perfectly clear that we'll be back for more as the project unfolds, so stay tuned!  We'll be following along, and keeping you updated!  In the meantime, you can click on the image below to visit the Pound Buddies website.  Can you help with a donation?  Maybe if not a financial gift, how about some time to help out around the place?  It's a community effort and as they prepare to say goodbye to the Keating location and usher in the new and modern area on Laketon out where there's a lot more room for everyone we can all pitch in a little to help get them to the finish line and into their new home

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