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We've been on you since early Spring to talk about the importance of the US Census!  It happens only once every 10 years and every form filled out brings back $18,000 for the community that you live in over the next 10 years.  It's 9 questions long, it takes 10 minutes to fill it out and if you have not done it yet, it's time to get moving on it and we're going to get you off the couch and going!


On September 18th from 6p-8p.  The Muskegon Channel will be LIVE at Yummy Delights at 459 E, Laketon in Muskegon.  During that 2 hour window, we're going to get you signed up for the US Census and when you do, you will then be allowed to enter for at least two $500 visa gift cards we'll have on hand.  $500 Visa Gift Card from Shon Cook, our great friend and sponsor and $500 Visa Gift Card from Padnos Muskegon who's also a great sponsor of our work throughout the year.  You must complete the US Census to be eligible to register to win the gift cards!  There may be more to come too!

You heard it folks, there's $1000 bucks up for grabs in 2 hours at Yummy Delights on Friday September 18th from 6p-8p.

Shon Cook and Padnos understand the importance to all of our municipalities of this funding from the Federal Government and it only comes back to us from Census data.  The questions are non intrusive, there will be people on hand to help you fill out the form and when you do,'re in the hunt for the $500 gift card giveaway!  We could be adding more gift cards as the 18th gets closer, stay tuned!  We need this to be big and we're going all in to make it well worth your while to come and try!

Share this with friends.  If you've not filled out the Census yet, get there and do it on Friday the 18th and please remember to practice all social distancing procedures and wear your mask!  Safety for all is of paramount concern at this event in a time like this!

Stay tuned for more details!  We'll see you at Yummy Delights on the 18th at 6p.

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