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Curtis and Bobbie Lowe founded Cadillac Inc. Car Club of Muskegon in April 2015. They started out with 25 members to begin their organization. In the beginning it was hard finding members who were serious about their love for Cadillac cars and youth in our city.

Not wanting the community to consider them as just another car club, they decided to go nonprofit in June 2016. In a telephone interview Mr. Lowe said, “It wasn't easy in the beginning to get people to take them seriously as an nonprofit organization as well as being a car club.” Several years went past and Cadillac Inc. held events to help raise awareness on community clean-ups throughout the city which soon brought them out to the forefront of the community. Now they are known for their clean-ups and multiple fundraisers that help empower youth. IMG 2031Cadillac Inc. Car Club On Facebook

Mr. Lowe then preceded to mention, Starting out was very hard.” He basically had to fund all the events through charitable donations, grants and membership dues of the organization. Especially programs that were geared towards the youth. Gaining recognition as a nonprofit and a car club only came after hosting a number of events that were family oriented fundraisers for the youth.
Cadillac Inc. Car Club of Muskegon's mission is to promote and sponsor activities that will provide opportunities for young people in Muskegon to connect with responsible community leaders and organizations.

They are committed to improving the community through education and community service, beliefs in the values of honesty, plus the efforts and law-abiding behaviors of the youth. In efforts to help our youth, Cadillac Inc. recently partnered with Taking Back Muskegon in a three day weekend COVID-19 Care Kit Giveaway. Following up with a Charity Basketball Tournament to help develop a 24 hour crisis youth drop in center in four locations of Muskegon.Their main goal is to help revitalize the community back to the way it once was. They received a certificate for The Hundred-bag Spring and Fall Clean Up.

Covid-19 has hit them hard and put a halt on most of their regular events for them to raise money. Their tireless efforts in cleaning up our community will never go unnoticed. We appreciate all the work you have done to help revitalize our community and look forward to seeing what you guys have planned for the community next!