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Comcast Xfinity is how we get our word out.  We make no bones about that and going all the way back to the earliest days of the pandemic, we've been welcoming Rob Ponto from Comcast on to talk about some of the outreach that's been going on to help the community.  From the free access to any of their Wi-Fi hot spots anywhere you can find one, to working with people to keep service running and even working with schools to make sure that all of the virtual learning going on continues and students can keep doing the best they can.  It's been an amazing outreach and we're thankful for the time that's been spent sharing the resources with everyone in Muskegon.


Today, Rob is back with some tips on making the best use of all of it.  He's got some examples to show you on how to amplify your signal in your house if you are one of those households that has a multitude of Wi-Fi devices going at once.  Think of all the tablets, phones, smart TV's, Roku and Fire TV gadgets and more.  Even your thermostat and doorbell in some cases now a days.  Rob is also sharing some best practices for those internal gateways for access if you are an Xfinity customer or not.  Like where to put your modem and router, how to make sure the connections are all tight and what's this about a "signal leak"?  It's true, an unplugged wire can throw the whole system off and Rob makes it easy to understand why.

You'll also learn about Xfinity's commitment to keeping the wireless hot spots around town free until the end of the year, how Xfinity is offering greatly reduced prices for internet essentials for schools and even some talk about super affordable devices if you find yourself in need.

Take a listen!


A great visit with Rob as always and as he eluded...maybe more to come soon from Comcast Xfinity?  Our thanks once again for their stewardship toward Muskegon when it comes to meeting technology needs for students, as well as those who need a free Wi-Fi hot spot and tips to improve what your service is like at home, we'll take them because it's not like our online activities are coming to a close anytime soon!  

Comcast Xfinity