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Today was super exciting getting to know and interview Muskegon's own prosecutor DJ Hilson. DJ grew up in a hard-working two parent household which had strong family values and good work ethics. He knew that at the early age of seven that he wanted to become a lawyer.

In 1996 Mr. Hilson was able to make his first part of his career dream a reality when he started law school in Lansing at Thomas Cooley law school. He spent several semesters as an intern at the Ingham County prosecutors office where he discovered his love and passion for criminal law and public works. Mr. Hilson graduated from law school in May of 1999 and was offered a position as an assistant prosecutor in Muskegon County in June of that same year.

Hilson’s strong family values are what motivates him to continuously be committed to the citizens of Muskegon County. Along with his family values, his religious beliefs plays a key role in providing love and compassion, helping create put laws into effect that fits the offenders crime He also helped to push the no child can be charged as an adult if under the age of 18. Mr. Hilson has served on several communities and boards throughout Muskegon County such as, Muskegon Heights Optimist Club, Muskegon Rotary Club, United Way, Boys and Girls Club, Muskegon Social Justice Commission and School to Prison Pipeline Task Force.

DJ believes that effective crime prevention involves proactive efforts that begin with taking action to make sure children stay in school. He has established relationships throughout the Muskegon County School district. Hilson’s consistency to work with all the districts on local issues. He has been to established The Operation Graduation Programs to tackle the chronic truancy in schools. He speaks to local schools regarding social networking and cyber-bullying as well as other social media issues. DJ was instrumental in creating a comprehensive Crime Prevention Program that incorporates people throughout the criminal justice system, speaking to middle school students on the importance of making good choices and talking about career options in the criminal justice field.

Mr. Hilson currently serves as the chairman of the Drug Initiative Commission, Vice Chair of the Legislative Committee and is a member of the Corrections Committee for PAAM.  Mr. Hilson believes that all lives matter but if we defund the police it wouldn't resolve the issues at hand. He also believes that by holding people accountable for their own actions and disciplining them according to the law is sufficient enough for our county.