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The Muskegon channel had the pleasure of teaming up with and interviewing the lovely Mrs. Rane Garcia.


Mrs. Rane Garcia is the Superintendent of Muskegon Heights Public School Academy (MHPSAS). She served as Assistant Superintendent of MHPSAS before accepting this position in 2017.
Mrs. Garcia began her education with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan in Elementary Education, majoring in mathematics and minoring in social science. After teaching several years she secured her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Grand Valley State University. As a visionary leader, Mrs. Garcia possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge having served previously as Assistant Superintendent, Interim Director of Academic Programs, Elementary School Principal, Elementary Mathematics Coordinator, and teacher. 

Mrs. Garcia is dedicated to serving the students, staff, parents, partners and community. She has a passion to help Muskegon Heights students reach their potential, personal goals and dreams.
Mrs. Garcia has turned around schools by demonstrating significant academic growth despite socio-economic challenges of the school’s community. Specifically, she has demonstrated closing the student achievement gap for economically disadvantaged students. In her work, she strives to design and support systems to ensure students and staff receive the support they need to ensure success.
Mrs. Garcia believes that she sees the academy soaring and building within the next five years. The count numbers are rising, which have been at a stand still for the past nine years. Garcia also feels as though the school is gaining a better momentum with the community.

Mrs. Garcia feels that even though the COVID pandemic has stopped a lot of the ways they educate our students. They have been able to add new curriculums that allow our students to learn on the same level as other schools. They are also implementing a new social studies program called Legacy's. This new program will teach students about history from slavery times and the bitter truth that hasn't been told.
When asked, what prompted the decision to cancel sports until spring of next year, Mrs. Garcia replied,
“As difficult as it is to make the decision to delay this season, we will follow the guidelines and advice of our public health officials. We value our students and community so much that we are willing to postpone the season until it is safer for students to compete.”

They already have teams lined up to play when the spring arrives. So don't worry Tiger Fans sports will be back soon!  I asked her, “What can the community and other organizations do to help our students?” Mrs. Garcia just replied, “Support our students and fill out the census.”


We commend Mrs. Garcia on her dedication and love for our students and community.  You can learn more about Muskegon Heights Public School Academy by clicking on the photo below!

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