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If 2020 has proven anything in Muskegon, it's that while we're not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but we are also way more tightly knit than a lot of the communities we see in the news, some of them quite close by, and with the discord, unrest and even the amount of time we've been forced to be "a part", we're still pretty strong and we can act as one when needed.  


Again, we're far from perfect and we of course continue to row the boat through the pandemic and everything else that challenges us, but to find ways that we can be "together" a little is one of the keys to keeping what we have and continuing to grow in the great direction we are.  We all do our best to get along, and we all need a connection to maintain that, it's sure not been easy.  One of the annual keys to that togetherness is the National Night Out and while it's a little different like everything else is now a days, in Muskegon, it's still on for October 6th and you and yours are encouraged to participate in any number of ways that are happening in and around the area. mpd nat night outClick Here for National Night Out Details in Muskegon

In the City of Muskegon, Jackie Hallberg is the Police Community Coordinator and she's on the point to take care of some of the things the police need that falls outside the city budget.  She works on grants, statistics, outreach and engagement and with our current situation, you can imagine, things in the outreach and engagement part have been a little on the strenuous side.  Yes, all of our neighborhoods have the Community Officers in place in the city, but the things that usually bring them together with the residents, they are all curtailed like everything else, so the National Night Out takes on a little more importance this year and each neighborhood will be doing their thing, in their own way.  

It might be a safely social distanced get together, might be a neighborhood meet up, maybe it's porch lights on and neighbors talking to neighbors.  Believe me, talking to a neighbor is still preferred over Facebook messages and texts.  Just be 6 feet back.  As Jackie will point out in the interview, and as I might have thrown a little bit of a tantrum over, the bounce houses and pony rides will be back next year, but for this year, let's remember just what an incredible community we have.  Let's remember how important it is to stay in touch and let's hear from Jackie about what to expect October 6th for the National Night Out. 


Hit the lights, hit the porch....find your neighborhood get together on Zoom or whatever they are up to and as Fall settles in, let's take stock of what's going right in Muskegon as opposed to what's wrong here and everywhere else.  Say hi to friends and neighbors.  Get to know your Community Police Officers as well as local officials and keep the strength we all have that we brag so much about when we say "Muskegon Strong".  To learn more about the Muskegon Police Department, click on the photo below. 

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