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It's pretty amazing when you come across a young man who has the drive to become an entrepreneur before the age of 15.  Claude Robinson III is a freshman at Muskegon High School who holds a 3.8 grade average.


I had the pleasure of meeting Claude through his mother TaQuesha Hamilton. Ms. Hamilton is a single mother raising young men. Even though COVID-19 has put a hold on a lot of things, one thing is for sure, Covid did not stop the strong will of this young man’s ambition to develop his own lawn service. 

In a telephone interview with Ms. Hamilton, I asked her, how he approached her in telling her that he wanted to start his own lawn service? She said, “One day he asked me to buy him a lawnmower.” She replied back, “Why?” Claude replied telling her, “I want to start my own lawn service to make my own money.”

Ms. Hamilton said, “It wasn't anything else left to do but go and purchase my son a lawnmower.” To help him get started she posted a picture of him mowing the lawn with a caption letting people know that he was available to cut grass. Now we all know that there are a lot of good people in Muskegon and Angela Turner, of Lott On The Shore, is just one of those people who saw the post and quickly gave this young man a job. He works with Ms. Turner Monday through Friday.

His skills aren't just beautifying our lawns, cooking happens to be another hobby that he loves too! On the weekends he spends his days developing his business skills with his lawn service. Fall is here and winter is approaching fast Claude III says that during the fall his brother Jermaine Hales will take over and they both will tackle the winter together. Once he gets a real job he plans to pass the business on to his brother Jermaine. Until then, these two young men will continue to provide our community with their lawn services.

It's great seeing young men their age striving to stay positive especially during this COVID pandemic. So for now until they get their business cards ready you can get in contact with their mother TaQuesha Hamilton on Facebook page Que Que.