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We are purposely neutral in all things political here on the Muskegon Channel.  We've not taken a penny for any candidate or party or cause and we've kept the platform and social media of our other sites out of it as well on purpose.  The world has plenty of that and we'd like to be a moment of respite, however....that doesn't mean that we're not ALL ABOUT doing what we can to get you up and running and participating in the vote, or the census or any of the other civic things that go on that are so vital to our life.  No matter your choice, your vote matters and there's no argument that 2020 will be a year where we could see some incredible results on every level.


With that, we were asked by the City of Muskegon to help advertise the importance of the vote and some of the incredible things happening at City Hall leading up to the election, now only 28 days away.  The most exciting news is that the City of Muskegon was awarded a hefty grant that takes away any of the cost in all the improvements and upgrades you're going to find when you vote.  New voting stations, a brand new high speed vote counting machine that can count process up to 2000 ballots in an hour.  Some added funds for outreach, education and ways to make voting accessible for anyone.  It was a large grant and the idea behind it is to get the public as involved in the actual vote as they are the online back and forth about all things politics right now.  Words should lead to actions and with the ways being innovated and worked to help anyone do their civic duty, maybe 2020 is the year that complacency gets put in the moth balls and we all get the idea that being heard is much more powerful than pontificating on social media.

Along with the new gadgets and outreach, City Clerk Ann Meisch joined me today to talk all about the upcoming election.  We talk about the grant, some of the things the City Clerks office is doing in preparation of the vote as well as some of the rumors going around about election fraud, how it's dealt with in Muskegon and where things are as far as absentee requests, ballot drop off locations and more.  It's a tremendously busy time for Ann and the staff at her office so to get a few minutes to talk about all of this is important, take a listen and learn please.  


It's been an unprecedented year as we've heard since the beginning of March and it's coming to an unprecedented time when we're being asked to vote and be heard.  We're behind that idea all the way.  No matter who you vote for, vote.  Vote absentee, vote in person.  Every single vote matters and as they say, all politics are local.  The time to sit idly by and think that it doesn't matter....that ship sailed a while ago and there's no excuse why you can't vote in 2020.

To visit the City of Muskegon's Voting site, click on the logo below!  Our many thanks again too Ann Meisch for her valuable time in sharing the details of voting in the City of Muskegon. 

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