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We've long been a proud partner with Padnos Muskegon.  Located on Ottawa Street in Muskegon Padnos is the spot in town where all of our finite resources are returned to be recycled and used again while keeping the community clean and it doesn't hurt that they pay top dollar for all of the scrap they take in be it from the average guy unloading what's in the garage or the bigger industrial customers in town who are still keeping the manufacturing end of things going.


Padnos is also a great community partner.  Not only do they take all the "junk" and turn it in to money, they work very hard to help out the organizations in town that need a hand.  We've been down here more than once to highlight their giving to veterans causes, they were major players in this years final push to get the 2020 Census filled out and if you remember back to 2018, we even did a summer long spotlight on all of the things they recycle and they explained how and why it's so vital.  A great educational tool for everyone.  PADNOS registeredFollow Padnos On Facebook

Well, way back in 2019....because let's be honest, 2019 feels like a hundred years ago, we were at the place showing you one last time the "old building" which had really not had much done to it since the 30's.  Offices were getting a little cramped.  Some of the things like data infrastructure were a little behind, there were some holes where there didn't need to be and there was more than just a little paint could fix that needed to be tended to, so it was time to recycle the recycling facility. 

Work got underway and while we all had to take a pause in the Spring, it picked back up and now that it's completed a new day is here for the future of recycling in Muskegon.  It's a major commitment to Muskegon on the part of Padnos investing heavily in the look and amenities of the new shop.  You'll also find a much improved customer experience with a paved yard in areas where your recyclables are left, separated areas for industrial and consumer traffic, a very clean and modern lobby where you claim the top dollar for your stuff and the renewal goes into the employees as well with much more accommodating spaces for work, breaks and personal space.   It's been an amazing transformation over a years time.

Kurt Alderink has been our main point of contact all along with Padnos Muskegon and we caught up just before the fun began today to hear and see more.  Take a listen.





It's a big investment in a number of ways in Muskegon.  Not only for the future of the business, but the future of the community and resources.  If you're someone who occasionally has a load of scrap to take in or maybe on of the heavy industrial users in town, Padnos has proven time and time again that they are a true community partner to all in Muskegon.  Supporting the communiuty in more ways than just protecting the beauty and environment, Padnos grows as we have and will continue to do just that as the future unfolds.  Our most sincere congratualtions to everyone at Padons and our continued thanks for their partnership with the Muskegon Channel.