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It began with a haphazard meeting at Kitchen 242 when we were asked to help with Taste of Muskegon which faced some challenges this year due to the pandemic.  How were we as a community going to showcase all of the great food that was offered all over the county without the ability to gather at Hackley Park like we normally do to taste, smell talk and enjoy?  Well, we were going to go virtual one way or another and since we had plenty of experience working with Chef Char in the space at the Muskegon Farmers Market, we got the gig to work with some other chef's to showcase their crafts too!


We had jams and jellies.  We had breakfast sandwiches and egg bakes.  We had sweet potatoes, pesto and more and we got our first taste of L'Soul.

All of our Chef's were in an environment they were not really used to, and they all did amazingly well in front of a camera.  LaKisha Harris came along though and just did a mic drop.  She brought her own terminology.  She brought her own recipes.  She brought in the ideas that all of this amazing food could be made on a budget and she also brought in the attitude that her sharing what she does and why is equally important to all of the great taste she provides.  As the camera's rolled, no one behind the scenes could believe what we were seeing and from that initial meeting, we immediately asked if she'd be willing to do more?  Nerves and all, she said yes and we've been lucky enough to have her sharing her passions and expertise since. lakisha trophySoul Filled Eatery on Facebook

LaKisha won an award at Taste of Muskegon and came in 2nd place in all the other categories.  She out grew her first location she was working at quickly and the hunt began to find a location of her own, and now, with the blood, sweat, tears, hopes and dreams...with a "tainch" of prayer added in...Friday, October 23rd, her dream is coming to be as she's opening the Soul Filled Eatery on Glade Street in Muskegon Heights.  He story is absolutely amazing and her path to becoming a business owner is one that began with making sure everyone else's dreams came first up till the moment she knew it was her time.  Today, she says it still feels like a dream that it's her business she's preparing to open, but if you've been around Muskegon long enough you know first hand this is where dreamers come and miracles happen.  LaKisha's miracle is long overdue.

We grabbed a few minutes today to talk about everything leading up to Friday.  We also have the details on what to expect from the take out menu that will be offered initially and how the expansion will go over the next few weeks.  Brace yourself for a remarkably inspirational story and to hear from someone we are incredibly lucky to have calling Muskegon....home.






To be given the front row seat to watch it happen again and again, it's the greatest reward there is in doing what we do.  We are of the firm belief as mentioned in the video, that Muskegon is where miracles happen and to see it coming for LaKisha with all she's put in by way of kindness, passion and willingness to be the good she wants to see in the world, well, all we can say is that not only are we fortunate to know that she's putting down roots here, we're more than fortunate to have her contribute to what we show you here on the Muskegon Channel!  Make sure you get your soul filled when you stop in and see her Friday or any day there after on Glade Street right off Seaway Drive in Muskegon.  Our most humble thanks to LaKisha for her work and her passion!  You can visit her website by clicking below!

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