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We're no strangers to the story and with our partnership with the Health Project at Mercy Health, there's plenty of good reason.  After everything we've been through and all of the cancellations this year, including the Spring event, the Muskegon Area Medical Disposal Program is hosting it's Fall event this Saturday at the Norton Shored Fire Department at 1100 E. Pontaluna Road from 10a-2p.


The Muskegon Area Medical Disposal Program has been around a while now, and has helped clear out the enormous amount of prescription and non prescription medications that are in our homes.  So far to the tune of 38,837 pounds of medications.  That's about the weight of 19 elephants. Narcotics, expired scripts, over the counter meds that have expired or are no longer needed....think of the enormous amount of pills, powders and liquids it takes to make 19 tons of waste?  This is all important as left sitting around, it can end up in the hands of those it doesn't belong to, on the street, or maybe inside someone you love who should have known better but found what was leftover and just thought "what the heck".  

We've told you about this program year after year because of the importance of it, and this year there's some added incentive.  The MAMDP will have on hand lock boxes to be given away to help secure medications in your house to help prevent abuse or theft as well as disposable sharps containers that can be used for needles that people who have to inject medicine have to dispose of.  They have a very big supply, but they are limited so if you need one, early arrival is recommended at the drive through drop off.  In our story today, Andy takes a moment to explain the significance of these medication security boxes.  He shares a personal story about his earliest days as an addict and how he circumvented locked up meds.  This box prevents even that.

You won't even have to get out of your car.  You pull up, follow the path at the fire station, answer a few anonymous  questions for survey purposes, drop the meds and your gone.  No questions asked and nothing to fret.

Brian Harris and Carrie Uthe have both been wit the Medical Disposal program since almost day 1.  We all met up at the Norton Shores Police Department to discuss this one opportunity in 2020 to clear your house out at this event as well as other areas you can drop them off should you not be able to make it Saturday.  Take a listen.


The medication take back event was sidelined in the Spring and this is your chance to discreetly and safely.  It won't take you 10 minutes to get through and if you ask for one of the lock boxes for the meds or the sharps disposal kits, you'll leave with a little more peace of mind.  Our many thanks to Carrie and Brian today for the time and thanks you you too for making the trip to clear out the unneeded meds from your house.  Smart, safe, anonymous and free.  To learn more about the MAMDP, click on their logo below.  It's part of the Health Project of Mercy Health.

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