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Muskegon Heights Police deputy Moe Sain steps up to the plate as former Police Chief Thomas has moved on to Ecorse, Michigan where he will begin his new job. He is now waiting on the City Council's decision on whether to hire outside the precinct or promote him. Sain has been with the force for 22 years. He started on the force in 1999, which was also the last time an officer was sent to the academy until this year's recent police graduate Cameron Green.


His longevity with Muskegon Heights Police force makes him more than qualified for the position of Police Chief. If he is granted the position he would love to see our community take advantage of a new program that they have put in place to employ citizens of Muskegon and Muskegon Heights, if the wish to become police officers. There is also another grant for those whom become police officers and wish to reside in the community in which they work in. This grant offers the officers up to $6000, depending on the area and nature of the crimes. His vision is that if more people from the community became police offers, then they could start building better relationships within the community. He stated, “At the end of the day the people are the police and the police are the people.”

Sain has lived in the city of Muskegon Heights since he started on the force. He believes that by staying in the community in which he lives in enables him to give a greater impact on the community. In his words, “ I like to be touchable.” Nothing against those that want to live outside the community, his heart is just being able to be close and personal with his community.
During these trying times with the tension between the citizens of the community verses the police, I asked him his thoughts on the Defund The Police Movement. Sain feels as though most people have misconceptions of what the movement really is. “It doesn't mean that people want the police to go away. They actually want to see more resources being used for things like social workers going on calls with them instead of just taking people straight to jail.”
One change that he will put in place if granted the position, would be to change the rotation system in his department. He plans to assign each officers to one assignment for six months. He believes that this will strengthen the relationship amongst officers and citizens.

Sain has been dedicated to protecting and serving the citizens of Muskegon Heights diligently and we appreciate you for all the years of commitment to your community.  You can learn more about the City of Muskegon Heights by clicking on their logo below.

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