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Are you like a lot of people and pretty much overwhelmed by all you hear and see by terms like "sustainability" "climate change" "green living" and more?  Hey, you're not alone.  It's an awful lot to try and comprehend and when you get the major players in this who spend all day every day speaking nothing but the lingo, it's pretty easy to just say, "Well, I hope for the best" and go on about what you're up to.  Well, what if those experts could simplify things a little, ease you into a conversation with friends and neighbors who are well versed on the subject and show you, by example that actions you can take here and now can add to the solution of all of that over time?  It's happening, and you don't even have to leave your house to be a part of it.

The West Michigan Environmental Action Council is beginning a series of community conversations about all of it, and the first one is slated to happen on October 27th via a digital platform where you'll be able to hear a multitude of experts share their knowledge on sustainable farming in Muskegon.  Our food.  Where does it come from and how is it grown?  You will hear from experts in organic farming, permaculture, and community farming.  You'll find out how that local farming makes it's way from the farm to the market or table and you'll hear how some of these farmers have almost zero impact on the environment.  There will be experts on hand from universities to speak on environmental policy and of course representatives from environmental agencies who are on the front lines of making sure that the future of our planet is sustainable for the generations to come.  Some might think that any action taken here on a local level won't make much of an impact, but the reality is that it will and that knowledge is what's needed to begin. wemeClick Here to Register for The Online Event

Today, we meet up with Tanya Cabala, Renae Hesselink and Sophie Stoepker to learn a little more about the first in this series of discussions.  Tanya is with the West Michigan Environmental Action Council, Renae, Kitchen 242 in Muskegon and Sophie The Sierra Club.  Each share some thoughts about the necessity and action that can make a difference.  Take a listen. 







It might seem like a lot. It might seem impossible.  It's a matter of changing things over time and a matter of learning first.  That's the opportunity presented here and if you're up for an amazing discussion and the idea of not even having to leave your home for it, save the date on October 27th.  You will be treated to fascinating topics, spoken on by real people who can make understanding their field simple and show you first hand that a little done by a lot of people adds up quick and that the future can be much more secure with knowledge first.  You can find links to all of the organizations Tanya, Renae and Sophie represent today by clicking on the photos below.  



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