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It's a matter of finite resources, impact on the land and doing our part to make sure that the beauty and pristine areas of Muskegon County stay just that, beautiful and pristine.  Cedar Creek heard the call of the residents around there and got to work on the issue, and while it took a little stick to it during the process of getting it done but the center has been added to the Cedar Creek Transfer and Recycling Station and Township Supervisor Linda Aerts found a few minutes today to talk about this great project and how it all got done.  Let's rewind a little though.


Everything got started in 2019.  The residents were asking and the Township officials saw the need and got to work.  Like most municipal projects it takes a village, so while Linda is an expert grant writer, people on the local and state level had to come together to get all the pieces of the puzzle to fit together.  From State Rep Greg VanWoerkom to the Community Foundation for Muskegon County all the gears were turning to get the project going.  The building of the massive bin, the reshaping of the Transfer Station area itself, the pad for the collection bin to sit on and more.  Life would be so much easier if we could just snap our fingers, but alas, it takes all hands on deck for this pilot program in Cedar Creek and the hope is, when proven successful, Muskegon County can duplicate this on Cedar Creeks lead and we'll be another step in the right direction.

Speaking of Cedar Creek Township, it's not really a big secret that Cindy and I are going to be putting down roots there in the Spring.  Construction has begun and some thoughts on Cedar Creek Township.  It's beautiful.  It's open.  It's filled with lakes, trails and incredible views and of Linda Aerts and her staff at the Township, they have been absolutely incredible in helping a first time home builder navigate everything that needs to go into the project.  From the permits and variances needed to the overall feeling of making new neighbors feel welcome and included, we have yet to meet a single person in the entire process that's not been A+ in every way, and we've been so very thankful for their help.

Back to the recycling.  It's really super brand new, and they are working out a few things.  So, we'd say link over to the Cedar Creek website to find out more in the very near future.  In fact, some of the details have been delayed just a little to avoid any confusion with the election information coming at everyone, so that should give you a little bit of an idea as to when you'll see the complete info.

Linda and I met up, right in front of the big, custom, green  Learn a little more about recycling in Cedar Creek!  


It's a small thing on all of our parts to reduce what goes into the landfill and what goes back into production for reuse.  If you're in Cedar Creek Township, you are living in the future and to preserve the lakes, trails, hunting and fishing and breathtaking vistas all over that part of the county, it's the least we can all do!  An event is planned for this Saturday, Halloween, that's when you'll be able to see the place, bring the kids and let them learn a little more about the importance of the sustainability of our commodities and land.  Our many thanks to Linda Aerts for taking time out of her busy schedule to join us today!  To learn more about Cedar Creek Township, you can link to their website below and as long as we have it, we've included the video we filmed earlier this year ahead of the Census where Linda got to brag up her beloved community a little more.

cedar creek hall