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Muskegon County is filled with many people with warm hearts. I love it when I find people who are doing amazing things within our community . With the COVID-19 pandemic rising high and the election quickly approaching in a few days. My timeline has been flooded with political and COVID prevention ads. In the midsts of all the election ads, I managed to scroll through my time line and happened to see a live video about a couple giving away free Sunday dinners and water. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and seeing. Rhonda Darnell and Taharee Brown giving away free meals and water to those who were in need. They had a sign out that read free food next to it was table was filled with to go boxes of food and a case of water bottles.


Ms. Darnell reside in the Muskegon area but her and her significant travel out to Muskegon Heights, where her mother lives to provide food and water to those who may be in need. Rhonda says that it has always been in their hearts to give back to the community. Rhonda also stated that whenever the two of them would be out coming from shopping or out to eat, if they saw someone in need that they would give them a couple of dollars or any food that they had left over.

Ms. Darnell state's that God placed this in her heart and “When God tells you to do something you have to do what he tells you to do.” So that's exactly what they did. As soon as the post popped up on Facebook it immediately begin to receive several shares and likes along with a multiple responses.

Since the post on Facebook these two have been offered several donations from organizations and other citizens who appreciate what they are doing for the community. So if you know of anyone in need of a hot meal bring them to 3309 Hoyt St. Muskegon Heights every Sunday afternoon. If you don't see Ms. Darnell or Mr. Brown outside still please feel free to take a water and a meal off the table anyway.

We thank these two once again for their caring hearts to give back to those whom are in need.