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Her name is Mikayla Rowden and she's only twenty-three years old . Going on 4 years now she has been farming in West Michigan, expanding her knowledge and understanding of sustainable growing, our food system, and community.  While other young entrepreneurs are seeking professions in law, medical and sports. This young lady has decided to branch out in a field of agriculture. Which is rare for young adults to consider as a profession in today's society.


As a young female, single owner and employee obtaining this farm space is a privilege, but also so significant to her dream of starting her own. Which now has been brought to reality for Mikayla.  Within the last year Mikayla was managing another farm. Not being able to provide the proper attention to her own dreams and goals, Mikayla had decided it was time for a change, so she quit. It was a few days later when a fellow farmer offered to sale her a plot in Muskegon Heights. She quickly took this opportunity to began her venture as a farmer. Her dreams are not just to farm and provide fresh produce and vegetables. Once she has established herself, her next move will be able to provide people with free educational resources about growing. 

Excited for the season to come she has already started on her first round of farming. This year's first round will consist of collard greens, kale, lettuce spinac and mixed lettuce.  Her five year plan will consist of implementing employment and educational programs for people within the community In addition to creating jobs and educating Mikayla will also, be developing at other locations in order to provide a green house and spots for two other plots.

So when you're driving down Summit in Muskegon Heights and you see a sign that says, Stillwind stop by and show this young lady some love Once again congratulations Mikayla Rowden on your new business venture.  To follow the progress of the farm, find their Facebook page below!