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If health care wasn't on the top of your mind at some point in the last stretch of time, well, congratulations.  With the way this last year has been, anyone who's not stopped and thought about health care is clearly living the dream, most everyone else, a sniffle causes a panic attack.  Yes, that's a little extreme but we all know this after 2020.  Health care coverage is paramount and making sure the proper health care for you and your family is there... well, that's where it gets tricky.  There are so many options, prices and different things to decide.  It gets really complicated too when we start talking about the Affordable Care Act and Medicare.  The good news is, The Health Project with Merch Health has the people and expertise you need to help you navigate the plans and find exactly the best coverage you need!  The even better news is, you don't even need to leave the house to get a hand!


Trying to make heads or tails with all that's out there to help with coverage is a very difficult thing, so much so that The Health Project of Mercy Health has a team dedicated to helping you understand exactly what's best for you and how to navigate all of the wording and jargon, not to mention the changes.  There are some changes too. Some of which comes in the benefits for those who use insulin which is a topic you'll hear Miguel Mesa speak on in our video today.  Pay close attention too because in some cases, when there is a need for more than one insulin treatment for a patient, you'll find savings that borderline car or house payments.  It's a remarkable part of this years plan modifications and a great way to help. virtual visitClick Here to Begin Enrollment

Time is of the essence.  The enrollment window is only open until December 7th for Medicare and if you are in need of help from the Affordable Care Act, you've got till December 15th.  Wha't really great about this now, is that you don't even need to leave the house to get a hand from the amazing people at The Health Project.  Get an appointment scheduled and you can meet over the phone or a digital meet up with a Zoom type thing and someone who know all about the plans, options and best suiting's for your needs.  This is not a one size fits all thing in any way, if you need a hand, act quickly by calling 231-672-3201 or 616-685-3350 to set up a virtual appointment.  This is open to residents of Muskegon, Oceana and Kent Counties.

Joining in on the conversation today are Miguel Mesa and Liz Chala-Hidalgo from The Health Project.  Miguel is really up to date on plan benefits and how they have changed and Liz has the details on how to act and make all of this go to work for you and your family through The Health Project.  Take a listen, this is important.  





The Health Project has so many ways that they reach out into the community with benefits, and this quite honestly might be the best of them all.  They have all the details on these seemingly difficult programs and they can help take the hassle and worry out of your decision making when it comes to picking the right coverage, deductible and plan to meet your specific needs.  They are just that too.  Specific needs.  Everyone will have something different so, to assure you get the coverage you need, call or click today and get that virtual appointment set up.  The numbers again are 231-672-3201 or 616-685-3350.  Click on the photo below to visit The Health Project website and make your appointment that way.  We're so proud to work with Mercy Health and The Health Project.  We appreciate the support of our work and our community.

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