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We can all agree that this year has not gone as planned. We can all agree that it is easy to fall into a slump while we are eating our emotions and before you know it it's been a week because all of the days seem to blur into one. If this is you know that you are not alone, I am right there with you. I was falling into a deep depression, not knowing how or when I was going to get out. That’s when I had seen a post while I scrolled Facebook to break the monotony of the day. The post was about this new women's group that is forming and I knew I found my saving grace. This is too good to keep to myself so Enter Transformative Threshold stage right.

Terrance Taylor is a Muskegon native who graduated from Muskegon High School with a full ride to Michigan University for football. After his four years at Michigan University, he went on to be drafted to NFL starting with the colts, he also spent some time with the Lions and Panthers. He didn’t stop there his next venture lead him to the AFL where he started to think about what his purpose was and how he was going to give back to his home town that gave him his start. While training in Texas Terrance began thinking more and more about how he can help the youth and build programs to help teach them the fundamental skills needed to become a well-rounded athlete and reach their dreams.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2017 when Terrance started at Peak downtown Muskegon. Transformative Threshold was born. Between playing football and training for football Terrance would fly back to Muskegon and run the peak elite program where he stayed until the beginning of 2018. Terrence spread his wings a little more and landed at the Norton Pines facilities where he started a more universal training. After running trainings, camps and clinics he knew that it was time to find his “own place” where he could grow even more.

Through a mutual friend he met with his now partners Craig, Ruban and Matt at Next Level Players. Together these men have expanded and continue to expand the NLP facility. Terrance will be holding men, women and youth classes. If you are looking to get into shape or if your child would like to train and hone in on their talents Terrance has a class for you. From football, wrestling, speed and agility to a men's and women's class you will get a complete training experience.

If you would like more information about any of these classes each for Transformative Threshold on Facebook or Instagram, you can also send Terrance Taylor a message on Facebook.