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We have an incredible sponsor in Shon Cook for both The Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon.  Shon is an Attorney in Whitehall and weekly, we do a segment with her helping people understand the legal system a little better and she makes it so that anyone can understand the attorney/client relationship as well as what to expect from courts or mediation during the process.  Shon is also very community minded and luckily for us, she watches most all the at we publish, which led to her idea of helping out a little is we could come up with a way to do that.  Well, it's happened and we're proud to announce Step Up Muskegon.


Kaja Thornton Hunter has been on both the Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon.  On the Muskegon Channel, her incredible spices were featured with LaKisha Harris at Soul Filled Eatery when we featured an Etouffee.  It was delicious and as we filmed the story, Kaja was talking about her "real work" during a quick break and we learned about Overcoming Barriers.  Overcoming Barriers is a residential care place for adults who need a hand.  Their mission is simple.  Helping persons with disabilities find happiness in their homes, their personal relationships and as contributing members of their community.  They operate a few different homes and have recently acquired a recreational center for their residents as like any of us, the pandemic showed them some areas that they could improve their services for those who were shut in during stay home orders.  

Our sidebar conversation with Kaya led to the idea that as long as we were there, let's get another story quick for Positively Muskegon and talk about the amazing things Kaja and her staff are doing.  One story leads to two and both stories get seen and the word comes down that it's time to start Step Up Muskegon and Kaja is going to be the first.  This is how community gets built through the generosity of some and the assets of others.  Shon has the ability to help a little financially and the Muskegon Channel can sure help spread the word about those who's impact on the lives of others goes so far beyond normal heroics, they truly live an others centered life and to support them with anything we can find....well, that's what makes the relationship between Shon and our work so compatible.  

We asked Kaja to meet us for a little chat.  She didn't know who would be there or what was happening completely, but she agreed and we got things rolling and thought maybe that since the holidays are here, we'd share a little joy with you all to see a great benefit in action.  Take a listen.


It's a start.  Kaja and her staff are tireless workers for their residents and to know we were able to help a little, well, it sure adds a little to the holiday spirit around here.  We're going to keep on too!  As 2020 fades away, we look forward to 2021, getting back to "normal" and to continue to grow this program highlighting the true hero's in town who might not otherwise get the spotlight they deserve!  We'd love some help too!  If you are a company or individual that can make a donation to this monthly or annually, jump on in, the water is fine!  You'll get a little recognition for sure, but you'll also get the great vibes of helping do what Muskegon and the surrounding areas do best and that's making sure those in our community who truly deserve to be seen for their selflessness get a little help with the work as well as a light shined on them for who and why they do it.  

To learn more about Overcoming Barriers Inc. Click on their photo below.  Our very best wishes to Kaja and everyone at Overcoming Barriers Inc for a happy and healthy Holiday Season.

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