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We have an awesome partnership with Muskegon Surgical Associates and part of that is being able to access the finest surgeons in Muskegon to explain some of the procedures they offer and how they help those in need of medical care in both traditional and elective procedures right here locally.  The entire practice is filled with amazingly talented providers as well as the staff that supports them, so anything that you need or want, from complicated surgery that hits you when you least expect it, to maybe some aesthetics to help you be the best "you" there is, you need not go any further than Muskegon Surgical Associates.


Dr. Laura Lozier is one of the highly gifted surgeons there.  As you can imagine, as a general surgeon, she's an ace.  As a female surgeon, one of her primary focuses would be on female health.  Understandably so!  You may see her on the billboards all over town with the other truly remarkable women who practice in her field, but here she is today to talk about part of female reproductive health tubal ligation.  msaMSA on Facebook

Tubal ligation is the severing of the fallopian tubes between the ovaries and the uterus.  This process is a way to help family planning and it's a way to also keep the rest of the female reproductive system in place and things in balance.  It's not a decision to be made lightly.  It's an irreversible procedure that will assure that a pregnancy won't happen again once the woman has decided that she's had the children she's going to have.  In fact, the only way back to having a child post tubal ligation is through invitro fertilization, which is a huge cost and fairly difficult process.  A tubal ligation is not a decision to be taken lightly and it's not a decision for everyone.  If your family planning is complete though and you do care to preserve the rest of the reproductive system and it's functions, this is a great option and there are even some benefits to it as you will hear Dr. Lozier explain. Tubal ligation is also covered by most insurance it would seem by a quick Google search.

Like any other presentation we do involving medical procedures...this is just for informational purposes.  You need to speak to a Dr. for this or any other procedure as every case is unique and decisions are made on a one on one basis.  Take a listen to our talk though with Dr. Laura Lozier about tubal ligation to see if it's right for you.     




Incredible knowledge and remarkably gifted hands.  If you did listen to the interview, you know I am talking from experience.  Dr. Lozier had a hand in putting me back together and I couldn't be more thankful to her, Dr. Jennifer Bradley who was my lead surgeon and everyone at Muskegon Surgical Associates.  If you'd like to know more about tubal ligation or any of the surgical, aesthetic or spa treatments that are offered by Muskegon Surgical Associates, please, click on the photo below to visit them online.  Our many thanks to Dr. Lozier for her few minutes today to make a complicated surgery easily understandable for all.   

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