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It's an exciting time for us!  We're very excited to be able to bring you the stories of some of our frontline hero's here in Muskegon like no one else can.  We've worked with Mercy Health to get access directly to health care providers who have been at the heart of care since the onset of the pandemic and we're also remarkably proud to announce, that beginning in January of 2021, Mercy Health is going to be a title sponsor of the Muskegon Channel and Positively Muskegon.  To have them recognize the work we've done up till now and see us as an equitable partner is an honor of the highest magnitude and like any of our sponsors, large or small, our mission is to provide the greatest value in advertising and communications in Muskegon.


Let's talk a little about the task at hand though.  We were asked if we'd speak to some of the folks who work directly with patients.  No scripts, no limits on time or content, just to hear the real stories about what made healthcare such an important career choice for them.  Just like anything we do, talking to the real people who make the difference is what we're all about, so , with a little help of some of the office staff at Mercy Health we were given a list of emails to reach out to and talk for a little bit.  Not staged, no preconceived ideas about what was to be discussed, just some real talk about what it's been like being part of healthcare since the beginning of 2020. stockings largeTo Donate Click Here and Follow Instructions

There was a little surprise too.  The Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce has been working very hard behind the scenes to return some of the grace given by those who have worked tirelessly since all of this began.  Stockings for Frontliners was a program introduced a week or so ago and the business community has been tremendous in their giving to support this effort.  The recipients will be given a stocking with Lakeshore Community Cash in it and maybe a few more surprises as a small token of appreciation.  Some of our guests had heard about the gift, others had not.  The business community has been great, are welcome to pitch in a little too and you'll find the link for that to the right if you'd like to give toward the program.  To donate to our frontline healthcare workers select the option to “email to someone else” and put This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as the recipient email. The chamber will print out the certificates and deliver to our frontline healthcare workers. Thank you for our donation!

We're releasing these videos directly to social media as well as storing them here on the site for those who don't use the social platforms.  We hope that the spirit of the holidays is coming through for you with some of these chats and more over, we hope that the incredibly human connection we all have is shared.  These are our friends and neighbors who are going in day after day and taking care of those who've been stricken by COVID.  There's absolutely no motivation here other than to show you how truly remarkable these folks are and how lucky we are to have them right here, taking care of all of us, no matter the circumstances they face.  If you wonder if miracles exist, look no further than a nurse.  Let's meet them!


 Renae Kohler


Anna Babinec


Anna Scheuerle


Laura Hogan


There's more to come. Check back daily for updates here, or follow any of our social media outlets for the video's directly.  Think too about a gift to the program.  So much has been done for so many.  Families have had to make sacrifices so that a parent could work to help others.  It's not just some show we're watching.  This is real and it's effecting us all and as we approach that time of season where we're sposed to remember what we're thanksful for, we really have to rememeber that it's our fellow humans who make it all happen.  Friends, family, neighbors and even strangers we may never see unless we need them.  Our most humble gratitude to all of our healthcare workers and to those who'll you get to meet here over the next few days. 

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