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Camry Burks is a twenty two year old self made entrepreneur who smiles shines as bright as her products. She has everything you need to pamper you and make you fall in love with yourself all over. Even in the names of her products she manages to spread positive messages to everyone not just women. Ms. Burks just everyone to fill confident in being who they are within themselves. She also believes that self love is important.


Ms. Burks spends lots of time doing research to make sure she puts the right ingredients to make the proper products for the skin for women and men. Especially for those who may have allergies to certain chemicals. Ms. Burks definitely has the sales personality but her heart and passion for what she does outshines that totally. Her passion goes so deep that she just donated over 150 lip glosses to the "I Am Her Campaign" hosted by Paul Allen Billings of 103.7 the beat. She encourages all young people who have dreams and aspirations of developing their own company to keep striving for greatness and to never give up on your dreams.

Just last summer before COVID-19 struck again Ms. Burks participated in several Buy Black Events. She not only sells products Camry Burks also does hair, lashes, facials and makeup.
It won't be long before this young lady is taking the Muskegon County's cosmetics Industry to a whole new level. With her willingness to keep pushing forward even through the corona virus pandemic she continues to expand her cosmetic brand more and more. Ms. Burks also makes sure that she uses Covid safety rules at all times So she assures everyone that gloves and hand washing procedures are always used whenever handling cosmetics or facials.

Even though next week will be Camry Burks one year anniversary on the December 24th which is the day before Christmas. She still manages to be the gift that keeps on giving to others. So if you're looking for that last minute holiday gift please contact her on her website or on her Facebook page.  You can find her website below.

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