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Muskegon may be small, but it is filled with lots of people with great big hearts such as Sara Wolovlek. Sara saw the good in which another community was doing for their citizens and decided to take a stand and bring that same process to life here in Muskegon. 


If you drive down Seventh and Monroe in Muskegon, Michigan you will see a little pantry filled with food, personal items and household supplies. Don't underestimate the pantry by its size.  Sara Wolovlek has been running this little food pantry outdoors for a year now. The pantry is intended to help those who are in need and can't get help from the bigger social community organizations because of income.

One day I saw a post on Facebook, and it had a picture of this pantry filled with food There were several comments talking about how good of an idea it was But no one was stepping up to the plate. So, I asked my husband what did he think, and we immediately went out and brought a pantry and put food along with household supplies. We decided to place it where it would be easiest for those in need to see it and take what they need.

There are a lot of people who get turned away because they make a dollar more than the allowed income to receive help from a lot of these organizations who help, Sara stated. “I just wanted to try and help some kind of way.”  The pantry is supplied by the kind of donations of the citizens of Muskegon County. This pantry is not just any ordinary food pantry. Its unique spark is because people may exchange something in the pantry for another item at home that you may be missing.

The supplies are limited but there for the taking if needed. Sara eventually would like to place other pantries throughout the community. I'm glad to find people like Sara who are out here giving back to the community free with no strings attached. It's people like Sara who inspires others to also do good deeds such as free pancakes and hot cocoa which was just provided last weekend by the wonderful nice couple Mr. and Mrs. Mark Poletti who I had the pleasure of speaking with to find Sara. 

Thank you, Sara Wolovlek and Mr. and Mrs. Poletti for all that you do to give back to the community.  You can follow the 7th and Monroe Food Pantry on Facebook by clicking below!

7th and monros