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It's a voice synonymous with broadcasting in Muskegon and in all of professional hockey, it's one of the most consistent, and enduring names to have ever worked behind the mic.  Terry Ficorelli will be returning to what he loves most as the Muskegon Voyagers Professional Hockey Team debut their COVID shortened season in February. 


The Muskegon Voyagers have been grinding it out for a while.  They got the inaugural season underway last year, kind of with things being interrupted like everything else by the pandemic.  The work that's gone on behind the scenes to even get them to that point, has been incredible.  The key take a way is this though.  This is a group of people coming together to help re-ignite pro hockey in Muskegon and like anything else, it takes time, patience and drive to get anything moving.  The simple fact alone that they have not given up on this, even with the current situation around the country is pretty much proof positive that they mean business and are willing to put in the sacrifices it takes to build from the ground up only getting by with what they have.  It's a mountain to climb for sure and we've been here to watch since before it was even announced.  It's been a great honor to have seen such determination.

The addition of Terry Ficorelli is a windfall in so many ways.  Decades of experience.  Thousands of contacts in the business and sports world.  Deep knowledge of the sport, it's rich history and especially it's relationship to Muskegon who for over 50 years was host to so many amazing players, moments and nostalgic lore.  Muskegon was "Hockey Town" long before anyone else and that heritage is still engrained here today.  Combine that with his love for our community and how as "Fic" puts it, "All roads seem to lead back to Muskegon" this is an incredible moment where the mutual benefits between a rookie team and veteran leader and broadcaster will be an incredible spark toward the future of sports on the Lakeshore.

The league, is small for now and the schedule is a little shorter....but come late February professional hockey will be back and you will also be able to see it live on the Muskegon Channel and hear Terry's legendary call once again.  The work is going on right now to get the pieces in place, the people lined up to do it and a way to bring pro hockey to the fans!  It might not quite be time for some to come out and interact with a crowd, that's understood.  We're not sure just yet either if a crowd will be allowed or limited, but for the season...we're going to find a way to get some pro hockey in you.  There are also plenty of opportunities for your business to be a part of the season.  Sponsorships are being sought and with the games being available both live and available on demand nationwide after through the Muskegon Channel for Roku and Amazon Fire TV, reaching a wide audience has never been more easy, or affordable. 

We sat down with Cody Mulready, owner of the Muskegon Voyagers and Terry Ficorelli at the Lakeshore Sports Center where the Voyagers will play their home games to bring you the announcement as well as let Andy O and Terry trade a few jabs and have some fun as friends and colleagues of over 20 years will do.  Take a listen.


It's going to be a combination of a couple things.  First, it's going to be a return to the familiarity of what and who we know.  Terry Ficorelli bringing you all the action of professional hockey game after game with his articulate delivery and wealth of knowledge and love for the game.  It's also too going to be one of the things Muskegon loves to see best and that's watching something that's all it's own build and grow right here.  Stay tuned for more details and stay tuned for live coverage as the season gets closer!  To learn more about the Muskegon Voyagers, click on their logo below to visit their Facebook page.

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