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We carry on.  We all work to continue to find ways to make what we know and love happen, even when what we're used to isn't going to be the case.  For those in need of the help of our area food pantries, it's been an all hands on deck effort for quite a while now, amplified by the incredible times we've all been living through with the pandemic going on.  Food insecurity is way more prevalent than you might stop and think about and we've seen it playing out more and more because of not only the need, but the fact that some of us have had nothing more to do than sit there and come to the harsh realization that while we are all so busy working when there isn't a pandemic....there's a whole lot of things we might be missing.  Our focus has been shifted a little.


Well, the needs of the food insecure have been on the tops of the minds of the Women's Division Chamber of Commerce in Muskegon for quite some time.  In fact, rewind all the way back to 2009 when Dancing With the Local Stars got underway to the delight of the community and not only brought us all a little something to beat the winter doldrums with in Muskegon, it brought awareness to the issue and quite proudly.... $1,239,589 bucks to help make those hunger pains a little less of a burden.  Not having been to a grocery store in a while myself, I can only imagine how far a million bucks goes when it comes to meeting some basic needs for nutrition and the relief that comes for those in fear of going without. DWTLSWeCANClick Here for Ways You Can Be Involved with DWTLS 21

While there might be any group gatherings, or dancing cheek to cheek or even socially distanced line dancing in person this year, the mission continues and the needs are still very real.  Whaddya do?  You do what Muskegon does best.  improvise, adapt and overcome!  The WDCC has taken the We "CAN" attitude to an entirely new level and they are here today to introduce the slightly adapted version of the event this year, which does involve a dancing element...and this one...doesn't take 3 months to prepare for, won't run you out of breath and we hop you won't twist an ankle.

There are a few layers to this years fundraiser, and they are all really fun.  Marilyn Forton who is with the WDCC and Brad Hilleary from Webb Chemical joined us today to talk about this years improvised event and how we can all do our par to help continue to meet the needs of our friends and neighbors, even when we can't get together and bust a move.  Take a listen.





A measley little pandemic stand in the way of Muskegon?  We always find a way to get it done on scales large and small, and as mentioned in the video today, we have yet to be a part of any of these modified events in Muskegon this year who are out to maintain the greater good.  That's what sets Muskegon a part and that's what we're always so proud to help share the story of.  Click on the link above and see how you can be a part of Dancing With the Local Stars in 2021.