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Our health care, it's the topic more and more and the cost of health care, especially for those with no insurance or very high deductibles leaves some with the inability to be treated for things that will only worsen with the progression of time or, will add to the long term issues of overall health it's here where Muskegon Surgical Associates has devised a plan that can be better.  It's called Cash Bundled Surgery and what it comes down to is this.  There are a list of surgical procedures, anything from a hemorrhoid to carpal tunnel release and you know going in how much it's going to cost for the entire procedure from consultation to follow up care and that's that.

It's an amazing option for people who need the help and might have a difficult time in getting it done with their insurance. Dr. Ted Vanderkooi explains it like this. Take a farmer. He's probably got insurance for his family, with a rather large deductible and some things that might need attention, like say a pilonidal cyst or possibly a skin cancer and the cost of the deductible isn't met through the typical system. Maybe someone in the family needs a hernia repair, or a gallbladder removed. These are surgeries that can range into the tens of thousands of dollars and some have to put them off. With Cash Bundled pricing, it's all on a list, the pricing and added options are right there and even a financing option if you need it and once you're in, they handle the surgery in the office if possible or a surgical center close by. No surprises, no running up the bill, no additional cost for follow up and if you go the route of the Cash Bundled Surgery, even the initial consultation is absorbed into the overall price. There's also no billing of insurance so your deductible stays the same and payment is required before the procedure.  vk 1Get a Quote for Cash Bundle Pricing on Surgery

This is a pretty incredible outreach being offered by an independent practice that serves Muskegon in a lot of ways.  Muskegon Surgical Associates offers everything from general surgery to plastic surgery, vascular surgery, aesthetics, breast care, skin care and more.  They are a group of physicians who care deeply for our community and it's reflected through their work, patient care and outreach to other projects to support amazing causes like Power of the Purse for Every Woman's Place, Stand Up for the Cure, Girls on the Run and more.  To see a group of doctors leave the office and OR regularly to get hands on with so many incredible activities that help our community is a rare gift and it's also reflected through their entire practice.  Their current message is that they are "Here for Good" and that is the culture from top to bottom in everything they do at Muskegon Surgical Associates.

We stopped in to their recently vaccinated office to learn a little more. What a relief to be in an environment where Frontline Staff were feeling a little more settled with things, but we still kept our safe space.  We asked Dr. Vanderkooi for a few more minutes to explain it all and he was kind enough to do just that.  Take a listen. 





Like any medical story, we have to offer this. Every case is unique and every situation needs to be evaluated on a one on one basis. So, keep that in mind. But here's the thing. This is, simply put, as transparent as it gets with everything known up front and it's an outreach you won't find just anywhere. If you've got something that needs to be attended to, the time to get it done is now. Putting off something like a hernia or carpal tunnel, well, it's not going to go away and the longer you wait, the bigger problem you have. Maybe you need something as simple as a vasectomy? $600 out the door. It's a new approach for health care for those who might go without. Muskegon Surgical Associates once again proves their commitment to all of us here in Muskegon and the surrounding areas. Our thanks to Dr. Vanderkooi and you can learn more about their practice by clicking below. We are very thankful for the support of Muskegon Surgical Associates of our work both in front of and behind the camera. 


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