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It's one of the greatest things we get to do.  We find those who somehow find a way to take the most difficult of situations and shine right through them no matter the hills to climb.  For almost a year now, we've been struggling through an almost unimaginable pandemic where every inch of our being has been tested.  We've seen the overwhelming good time and time again however and even though our darkest times, we help get it done.  The Muskegon YMCA, has quietly hit a major milestone however and it's time for chance to shine a little light on them.


100,000 meals served.  It's been a time of amazing outpouring by all kinds of organizations helping feed those who are food insecure.  We've seen the food trucks, we've seen the lines, we've heard form quite a few and of course no one is out looking for extra credit or anything in a time of need like we've been through, but some just tend to be seen more.  The Muskegon YMCA...steadily has been an absolute staple in the lives of so many in Muskegon however.  Their distribution day is Friday and leading up to that day, it's an effort of the small bet dedicated staff of the "Y' and the volunteers who assist in the packing and delivery of the meal bundles.  mkg y foodFind the Muskegon Y on Facebook

There are some federal funds that come in to help supply the money for all of this, and the local partners like Morat's Bakery and Cedar Crest Dairy and of course those who can really reach deep and provide coolers and freezers for the YMCA add to the solution.  There are those who volunteer too, some of which take it up on themselves to go to those who are shut in and can't make it to a give away event, and they arrive to pick it up for them in their place.  It's the good hearts of so many coming together in an area that was already revitalizing before all this hit, 3rd Street in Muskegon, but now, somehow, that revitalization seems to have taken on a little more meaning because so much heart is being found there.  

Bruce Spoelman is the CEO of the Muskegon YMCA.  We sat down for a couple minutes to talk about this incredible giving.  Of course, Bruce takes a very humble approach, but from all of what we've been through and all of which we've lost, it's time to take a moment to celebrate a victory of an organization who went all in to make sure no one in need was left out.  Take a listen. 





What an amazing thing to see happen. It would be "surprising" if it were in just about any other community, but in Muskegon, this is how it's done.  We're taking today to help celebrate.  We'd love to be talking about anything else, but...we'll gladly turn that light over on to those who are making miracles happen.  We had a headline "Look for the Helpers" and as the YMCA remains a nimble and focused group who's dedicated to service.  Quite humbly, we'd like to thank the Muskegon YMCA and if you'd like to show your thanks by making a donation or maybe finding a time that you can pitch in, you can link to their website by clicking on the link below.