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The request has been made and while all the ramping up is going on, so are the needs for some volunteers to assist with the vaccination clinics that are happening in Muskegon.  The United Way of the Lakeshore is at the point helping coordinate the efforts.  The need is for both people to help with things like administrative efforts and site help to even going as for as finding those with the proper training that can be called upon to get shots into arms as the supply of vaccine makes it's way to Muskegon.


Yes, it's been a long and frustrating time for so many, but the United Way of the Lakeshore has continued on with their incredible work making sure that needs are met.  From making sure that the Day of Caring 2020 was able to happen properly social distanced of course, to securing funding for their partner organizations to just the average daily work that goes on for the greater good of us all, the United Way has made it happen.  They have an incredible pool of volunteers but now more than ever, they are in the business of finding some more so we can put this seemingly never ending nightmare behind us. united way lakeshoreClick Here to Register to Volunteer

As the supplies come in and are going in to arms, there are going to be a LOT of people needed to help.  Can you take down information?  Can you help people fill out forms?  Can you help get weary people who've waited so long to get here that final smile as they approach the "finish line" to get their vaccination?   Are you retired from a medical or first responder job and able to actually give an injection?  YOU ARE NEEDED!

The United Way of the Lakeshore is compiling a list of those who care to help right now.  Yes, the current clinics seem sparse, but they are going to get big and as many that can help, the sooner it will be closer to over.  It's not an immediate "fix all" but one thing we know better than anyone, pretty much anywhere is how to pitch in and get it down.  Muskegon has mastered it and there is no community better anywhere at taking car of it's own.

Dominique Bunker is the Community Engagement Manager at the United Way of the Lakeshore and she's here to give some specifics of the needs and how you can get involved!  Take a listen and let's get to it!



Game on! Let's get to it! The United Way of the Lakeshore has undoubtedly helped some of your favorite organizations, and you probably don't even know it.  They help in Muskegon in so many ways from taking care of the streets and neighborhoods, to helping kids with literacy, to making sure food pantries are stocked to emergency shelter for those in need.  It's our time to give back not only to our friends and neighbors that make up the United Way, but to the community as a whole.  Roll up those sleeves, pitch in and let's do it!  To let them know you can help, click on the photo below and fill it out the form it takes you to!

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