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We've never made bones about it!  We love it when a new business pops up and what's more, we love it when that business brings something remarkable to our area with an idea that's ripe to grow, focused on the customer's experience and that brings value and expertise right alone with all they do.  It really didn't hurt either that someone directly related to the author of this article is getting a new kitchen soon and when she found out about Kneaded Kitchens, well you get the idea.


Meet Josiah Kooi.  Family name runs deep around Muskegon for sure.  Josiah has been working as an online retailer for quite some time here in town, quietly learning what's in demand, what the latest style trends are, who the product manufactures are that have exceptional kitchenware at the best prices and as he's done that, he's built his was from online, to owning a store front in town called Kneaded Kitchens.  The focus is to sort out all of the products that are needed a the best value possible and help you get things that will make your experience in the kitchen easier and more stylish, while not breaking the bank on the cost.  A value price for lasting cookware is hard to find.  If you go with the "bargain stuff" you're not doing yourself any favors.  If on the other hand, you can literally pay more than a used car for some cookware and not everyone is made of money.  Kneaded Kitchens has taken out all the hassle and worry and found all of the good stuff at the right price. kneadedKneaded Kitchens on Facebook

The online portion of Kneaded Kitchens will continue, so the ease and convenience will be just the same, but if you're here locally, stop in and see the abundance of incredible items they offer.  It's amazingly attractive to the eye, there's a gadget for just about anything you can think you might need in the kitchen and one of the best things, EXPERTS.  The friendly staff can tell you about the products they carry, how they are best used and maybe even suggest what would make a great gift for a wedding, shower or maybe a house warming gift.  Another awesome thing that's to come as the COVID restrictions lift, Kneaded Kitchens has a fell scale kitchen in the store and plan on bringing in area chef's to demonstrate their favorite dishes, show off some of their products and maybe even bring in an audience to enjoy the entire experience.  There's so much creativity going on with Josiah and his staff it's amazing.  It's going to be incredible to watch this take off. 

We are welcoming Kneaded Kitchens as a sponsor today, so a visit with Josiah is the first stop.  It's one of those "Made in Muskegon" stories we all love so much.  He went from having all the stock he sold online to having a retail space backed by some of his incredible distributors and there is no reason in the world why Kneaded Kitchens can't open in just about any town in the USA with what Josiah has started.  Of course, he's taking the sensible approach...for now...but now that this rocket is's going to be go time.  Take a listen.




We can't wait.  We couldn't wait either.  Got a new set of steak knives and are going back soon for one of those fancy pot racks you hang from the ceiling!  Our most sincere congratulations to Josiah and his staff at Kneaded Kitchens!  So much time, effort, energy and plain old common sense going into a business that looks to put value, customer service and expertise back into the equation.  Stop in and see them at Kneaded Kitchens by the Lakes Mall.  They are in the same area as Starbucks and Xfinity.  This is a new completely locally owned business that one day we're all going to look back and say "They started here".  We welcome them to our publishing's and we welcome them to Muskegon.  Their website is now ready to go!!  Have a look here and do some shopping online from the safety and comfort of your home!

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