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We welcomed back our longtime sponsor Jason Ryan with State Farm Insurance last week with a great discussion on the program of giving he's involved with called "Quotes for Good".  It's an incredible outreach for communities that's backed by State Farm, but the local agents play a key role in making sure that on the street level, the charitable organizations have a direct connection with them so that if they participate, all the assets are available to them through the local agent and that a highly successful fundraising campaign can be done!  What a kick off to 2021 and what a way to remind all of of of the good that comes of business people like Jason who know that making sure the good of all of us is in their best interest.


That's a great enough start for anyone, but Jason is also really all about helping make sure that people understand the in's and out's of the insurance side of things minus all the jargon and stuff that can accompany traditional insurance.  If it's not something that we deal with day in and day out, let's be honest, it can feel intimidating and with that, we can be disengaged and maybe not get everything we want or need from an insurance policy.  Well, that's why Jason joins us from time to time to help make the tough stuff easy to understand. jason headshotJason Ryan State Farm on Facebook

This week, it's small business insurance.  Jason runs a small business, we're a small business, maybe you have one too or work a pretty good side hustle to make ends meet?  Do you know what kind of coverage you want let alone need?  In the case of us here at the Muskegon Channel, we had to find some pretty specific insurance to protect us from things like liable and slander as well as assets of other entity's that we work in conjunction with if we are out in the field working.  In Jason's, he might need things like insurance for slip and fall if someone was in his parking lot on Holton Road coming in for a visit in the winter.  If you are a handyman or crafter?  What kind of coverage do you need?  How about a restaurant?  These are the things we might forget when we get all fired up about a big idea, then when we go to pull it off, reality hits and it might get intimidating....but Jason makes it understandable.  Unfortunately, he can't make the "adulting" part any easier of actually have to have insurance to protect all these dreams, but he can get you the right policy and the right price.

Take a listen to our chat today about small business insurance through State Farm and Jason Ryan, it's an in-depth look at the coverage you need. 




Do keep in mind, that it's going to take a one on one talk with Jason for specific needs for your insurance purposes.  Every business is specific to what is needed and the coverage that fits best, but hopefully this is a great start to get you ready with some additional questions or specific needs to get a hold of Jason and make sure you are protecting all you dreamed of and love to do!  It's essential that you've got a great company like State Farm and a great agent like Jason working with you all of the way!  You can visit Jason's website by clicking below!  Up next week, we'll be revisiting the auto insurance reform laws that went through last July!


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