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What would Valentine's Day be without a story from a chocolatier?  Well, it would still be Valentine's Day and all, but if you get word down from one of your most regular places to shoot that something is going on, and someone is down there really putting in overtime making some chocolate, you load up the camera and go.  This is how the story of us meeting Addy Kinziger of NOVA Super. Natural. Bakery. comes about.


Addy is no stranger to food, she's a dietitian by education and decided that in as much as she loved that, it would be awesome to take what she learned from that field and apply it to culinary as well.  What a powerful combination, someone who understands nutrition inside and out and uses that to make what we eat even better?  Off to the Culinary Institute of Michigan it was and her time at the CIM led her to not only find a second level of love for work and purpose, but it also gave her a chance to teach what she loves as she's now an instructor at the school as well.  Sitting still does not seem to be one of Addy's strong suits, because between the teaching, nutrition and raising a family and everything, why not throw in a bakery and chocolate shop?  

Along comes Nova. Super. Natural. Bakery.  Beginning in her own kitchen under the cottage food rules, Addy began taking her love of all things chocolate to the next level.  Since she teaches pastry at the CIM too, it was pretty easy to expand to specialty cakes for kids who might have a milk allergy or other dietary restrictions.  Problems with gluten?  She's got an answer!  Love all things chocolate that push the chocolate experience to the next level?  Addy's on it.  Interesting, and unique ways to make just about any treat accommodate any need, she's done what she can to make it happen and the word eek'd out a little.  Friends would recommend her.  Relatives would drop her name....sooner or later, a Facebook page came along to highlight some of the work a little more, and right on was time for Addy to take it from the kitchen at home to the incubator kitchen for all things culinary in Muskegon, Kitchen 242 at the Muskegon Farmers Market. 

Now, Addy can open things up a little more.  A retail website is coming.  Her delicious treats can be sold in stores and shipped to fulfill online purchases.  She can make bigger batches, create more eye catching designs and being all that's good to those in search of a way to take care of a sweet tooth or, enjoy something they thought might be off the menu due to a dietary restriction...that Addy figured out a new way for them.

We're at Kitchen 242 with Addy, and yes, we sample under masks!


The only thing that could have gone better with the filming of this would have been giving Addy the idea that I generally need about a pound of chocolate to really comprehend the complexity of the flavor.  I am super thankful however that professionalism got me through the tasting and decorum was kept!  It was great to meet Addy and see how she's combined so many of her talents to make this dream come true, not only for herself, but for those she serves and those she will be serving as she grows.  The NOVA Super. Natural. Bakery. website is coming soon, but for now, use the link below to fin her Facebook page and drop her a note.  Get in on the deliciousness and home made goodness from Muskegon!

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