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Sometimes in life we can work with others and still not realize what they endure at home.  I met Sheik Tyler Sr. while working as a manager for Taco Bell /KFC years ago. Last week I'm scrolling through Facebook as I normally do and I noticed these drawings beautiful sketched. I saw that the caption had read that his son had drawn them. Amazed at Sheik Jr.’s craft, I quickly reached out to his father and began asking questions regarding his son’s drawings.

Sheik Jr. is a 13 year old artist, who attends Timberland Academy. His passion for drawing started when he was just in kindergarten. As he got older his autism developed but that didn't effect his ability to progress as an outstanding artist. As a fifth grader, he received an art award for Best Talent and was able to draw the calendar for the month of April. It is currently being displayed at the Muskegon Hackley Public Library.

During this heartfelt interview, it lead me to the conclusion that sometimes we overlook the talents children have verses the challenges that they may face.  As his grandmother, Vanessa Taylor, was proudly showing me Sheik Jr.’s art work and telling me of all his accomplishments, it suddenly became a very heart warming moment. I must say, that during this interview, it was hard for me to hold back my tears. I have a soft spot for children and this young man’s story is one the most inspiring I've had the pleasure of sharing with everyone.

We should all use this story to reflect on the importance of helping our youth of tomorrow, and helping make their dreams come true.  It matters.  Whether they want to become athletes, doctors, artists, lawyers, police, teachers, or labor workers. Some may even want to become entrepreneurs. Regardless the case, we must encourage all of our youth to be great.  Sheik Jr.’s art work is available for sale and he is also willing to sketch art upon request. His favorite things to draw are cartoon characters, but he can sketch other things as well. We wish him the best of luck as he continues to strive to become one of our communities successful artists.