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It was back in July, and it was HOT!  We were at the very beginning stages of a beautiful new development of a complete neighborhood in Norton Shores called Atwater Springs.  We had all the primaries on hand for the beginning.  The developer, the realtor, the home builder and off in the distance, you could hear the sound of the large, heavy equipment all working to bring the first phase of this awe inspiring new development to life.  Well, we have managed to pick right back up when it comes to weather extremes, because for our second visit, it's COLD!


We jumped on to this project for a reason though.  We do an awful lot of coverage on smaller ventures in town.  We also think that there's a lot to learn from some of the "bigger stuff" and from an earlier meeting with Robert Rands from Platinum Realty Group, and learning about Atwater Springs, we jumped at the chance to talk about just how much goes into the development of a project like this.  It's not an overnight thing, it begins with a dream, it moves on to some talk, then planning, then implimentation and on and on.  So much has to go into everything from planning the underground utilities, site development, drainage, lot sizes, municipal's one of those things that most people never even think of the years that go into a development like this, but the blood sweat and tears are all a precursor to the pay off.  atwater cottage life Atwater Springs is on Facebook

What is that payoff?  Well, as you'll see today, it's the beginning of stunning homes along a quiet lake nestled in a wooded setting with amazingly easy access to everything!  So much thought has gone into all of this, all the way down to who might be the ideal resident and how can they best be accommodated and what matters to them them most!  This is cottage living in any number of home sizes and they are all about the understanding that homes like these are sincere investments and that those in search of them understand that it might be a place to enjoy retirement, or at least a shift, after the kids have moved out, but want to protect what they have for the long term. 

David Bos homes are being built and the model is currently under construction as we met up to talk about this phase of the endeavor.  There's a quiet comfort to all of the surroundings and the peace and tranquility are literally minutes from the Harvey Street corridor,  Muskegon, Spring Lake, Grand Haven and a certain new highly anticipated casino that keeps moving forward.  This is rapidly going to become THE place to be when people are looking for that next home after the kids are gone and some tranquil settings are needed.  

So, join Robert Rands and I out in the elements once again as we talk Part 2 of the Atwater Springs development of Norton Shores and give you some details about taking a look for yourself and when you can expect the model to be ready!  Exciting things are happening in Muskegon, big and small!  Take a listen!



It's so worth the drive and if you're thinking about capitalizing on the remarkable real estate market in Muskegon that we've got right now, take the equity out of your current home and build up to that dream at Atwater Springs.  Robert is an amazingly knowledgeable and helpful guy and every detail has been thought of in this development to assure that your investment will grow as you enjoy the scenic beauty and ease of living in this brand new development so close to everything.  Click on the image below to visit their website at Atwater Springs. 

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