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Muskegon - we have some know it all's, and yes, I thought I was one of them.  I thought I had a pretty good grip on what kind of business were here, what kind of things they do and who worked there.  After all, we're a big enough town that we've got most everything we need, and small enough that we all pretty much know about who's doing what, right?  Well, I am driving along Norton one day and rounding the corner and I see a small sign that says "Scherdel Muskegon is Hiring".  My first reaction?  What's Scherdel?


Scherdel got to Muskegon right about the same time I did.  1999 they put down roots here in town as part of a global giant in manufacturing with their home being in Germany and their reach going to North America, South America, Asia and Europe.  They are shaping innovation in the world of tomorrow manufacturing everything from automotive parts to medical devices.  A tiny spring to a giant machine to build more, Scherdel is clearly a world wide leader in things that make things work.  In Muskegon the focus is mainly on supplying the automotive industry and they have grown as a supplier to brands like Nissan, Volkswagen, BMW and more.  If you're sitting down, I'll throw the next little statistic at you.  From the Muskegon plant last year, 160,000,000 components went out to be a part of brake systems, engine systems that went all over the planet. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY MILLION!  That's a figure that everyone in Muskegon can be amazed by and proud of.  We'll be heading back to Scherdel in the next few weeks for a plant tour and to show you some of what they do first hand.  It's an amazingly beautiful facility and as you'll hear on our talk today, it's a forward thinking company who invests in their staff and their wellbeing on a number of levels.  scherdel 2Scherdel Muskegon on Linked-In

Today however, it's a welcome to Scherdel as a sponsor of our publishing's and even more incredibly, Scherdel came in big with wanting to be a part of the Step It Up Muskegon program where along with Attorney Shon Cook, they will be helping provide $1000 a month for the remainder of 2021 for some of our local non profit organizations that could use a hand in not only some funding, but some exposure to their work and why they do it.  Part of Schedel's sponsorship too is recruitment!  They are serious about hiring amazing people who want to learn in an environment that embraces amazing technology as well as the creative process in manufacturing.  They have entry level openings as well as the kind of gig's that take the masterminds of technology and think about this....see all those continents we listed above?  Imagine you working all around the world for the same company?  Miriam Eckhardt who was our first point of contact in Muskegon goes to Mexico a week a month for her job.  That can't be too bad when it's 2 degrees out. 

For today, let's just start with the overview.  Love for you to meet Margaret Eastley and Kraig Yeck from Scherdel here in town.  Margaret is the Chief Financial Officer and Kraig is the Technical Manager.  They will help us get to know a little more about all that's going on just down Laketon in East Muskegon, that ends up all over the world.  Take a listen.



We've gotten to know a little more and we'll be back early in March to see more of what they do a little more up close, but for now....a giant welcome to Scherdel and our grattitude to them for picking up the other half of Step It Up Muskegon to help some of our awesome charitable organizations out!!  We'll have them as monthly guests too as we meet those who are benefitting from their generousity.  If you'd like to know more about the current job openings or maybe do a deep dive on this pretty awesome organization, take a look at the link below and start digging!  

scherdel 3