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Jason Ryan from State Farm Insurance joins us again this week to talk about some of the things you may not always have come to the top of your mind when it comes to insurance.  Yes, with insurance we all tend to know we have to have it, we all look for the best deal on it and then we all like to just put it on the back burner and make the payment.  Jason brings in a view point that's a little more broad and explains why some things in his world need to be discussed on a more regular basis because, let's face it, insurance is for what's not planned.  When it's all on the back burner, we're not planning.


Disability insurance is the talk this week and Jason comes out swinging with a staggering statistic about the likelihood of a younger person and their need for this type of coverage at some point in their lives.  We've seen first hand over the last year that any number of things from a long term illness to an accident to a fall can leave us unable to do what we do for a period of time and that getting by on what we've got can drain a savings account quickly and that it's sometimes not enough to rely on Social Security Disability due to the limited amount they pay,  Is your coverage at work good enough?  Maybe 67% is the average that what most employers pay.  State Farm has the ability and resources to make up the differences with a number that can make up your total "normal income" so that if you are out for a while, nothing gets missed. jason headshotJason Ryan State Farm on Facebook

We talk to define disability. Who says that you're unable to perform the tasks that you are accustomed to doing?  We talk about some of the things that may be disqualifiers for sort and long term disability and we circle back to the idea that insurance is really important to pick out on an individual basis.  Having a knowledgeable and trustworthy agent like Jason Ryan explain it all is always a great thing.  So, take a listen to our talk about disability insurance today and learn a little from Jason!






Make a little more sense? Like mentioned, Andy's got the policy from the bank, but to make 100% sure that things are taken care of should anything happen, a good talk with a great and knowledgeable agent like Jason Ryan ensures that in the event of the unplanned, it's all taken care of.  Jason can take a look at your needs too.  You can click on the image below to visit Jason online and to get things started for you and yours.

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