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Muskegon has been making head way when it comes uplifting our youth. More and more we are discovering young entrepreneurs and apprentice. It's amazing, the talent that's right here in our very own communities. Ranging from the free spirited hearts to the highly motivated entrepreneurs. I love it when I get to introduce young people such as this. A young man who's love for food has sparked the interest of one of Muskegon Heights’ very own Soul Food Chefs.
DaRice Brown is well on his way of becoming the next up and coming local soul food culinary artist.


Mr. Brown attends Orchardview Middle School and is in the sixth grade. His passion for cooking stems from assisting his mother in the kitchen while growing up. While other kids are playing outside and participating in sports, this young man decides to take his passion to the next level.  DaRice went from stirring the pots and pans at home to adding soul food seasonings and preparing soul food meals to the community at a prominent local soul food establishment (L’Soul Filled Eatery.)  Mr. Brown works there on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. His favorite specialty dish, to cook, is chicken. I asked him, “Why chicken?” he replied, “It's the easiest to prepare.” He's being guided by the masterful teachings of LaKisha Harris from L Soul filled Eatery. He aspires to become a restaurant owner upon graduating college. 

Although, he is shy on words, his actions speaks volumes of becoming a Master Chef. It is very comforting to see our youth moving in action to prepare for the future at such young ages. More and more the new generation has been stepping up and preparing for this new way of living we have been introduced reduced to.

Even through these challenging times during the pandemic, our youth still manages to find innovative ways to work on their crafts.
By the time these kids graduate from high school, they will well on their way to becoming future moguls. I can actually say that I'm starting to truly believe that our children have once again become our future.