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With the current pandemic still holding on like it is, after the first of the year the US Government made a move to help those who need insurance coverage be able to get it through the Affordable Care Act with a special enrollment period that lasts from February 15th 2021 - May 15th of 2021.  This special enrollment period will allow individuals and families in states with Marketplaces served by the platform to enroll in 2021 health insurance coverage.  It's very much needed as we have all seen what impact can happen with our health in all kinds of situations.

Now, with the opportunity doesn't necessarily come relief from the extremely large and remarkably complex process it feels like to get this insurance!  Luckily for us, we've had a partnership with The Health Project at Mercy Health since almost day one of all that we publish, and they have literally people who's job is to be dedicated to understanding how the process works, understanding your specific needs and then putting things in to place for you and guess what....won't cost you a thing.  It's as simple as a phone call to 231-672-3201 or a visit to their WEBSITE to set up an appointment to get the process started.  From their website - "Paperwork can be difficult to navigate.  We can assist you with applying for health coverage, state assistance programs and other health and human services.  We have experienced staff trained to help you enroll in and understand your options for public or private health coverage, Medicare and Medicare Part D programs and financial support options that can assist you with obtaining medication, food and other resources. Health Coverage is an important indicator of health." health projectClick Here for ACA Enrollment Assistance

Miguel Mesa is here to talk a little about all the nuts and bolts of how The Health Project works to help make this happen in the community.  It's part of Mercy Health's greater outreach and community benefit program.  Take a listen.  We'll let you know in advance, Miguel lives "out there" a ways and there a couple of tiny glitches with his connection, but over all, it's best he explains what they do.





Time is short and the need is more than ever.  Take advantage of the coverage as well as the help in getting it from the good people at The Health Project.  They have a multitude of ways to meet with you to find out your specific needs and they even have people to help who are fluent in Spanish.  We are always left in amazement by the work that goes on through The Health Project and we hop that you are able to get the assistance you need for the kind of health care afforded to all.  To learn more about The Health Project, click on their logo below.