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You roll up on to 3rd Street in Muskegon on a Saturday morning when the thaw is beginning and you get a chance to see, and quite honestly smell, all that's been going on the the newly named "Midtown" area of the city and it's a sure sign of a couple of things.  First, that Spring is definitely coming and second, that despite all we've been through the business up and down the newly renovated corridor are still chugging away and that through all the difficult times, they reflect our grit, drive and flat out refusal to give up.  There is one thing that's more of a fleeting sight though as miracles rarely stick around once they happen.  This is a reminder about one of those miracles and a chance for all of us to give back what's already been paid forward.


The Curry Kitchen is owned and operated by Raj and family.  They also operate Nan Pizza right next door and they were the destination on 3rd Street all along.  Specializing in cuisine that's all things spicy and celebrating flavors from all over the world, Raj Grewal and family continued to work through the takeout times, they followed the guidelines when the closures happened and they also worked hard to make sure that those who were on staff to help them succeed were taken care of even thought the revenue was down, just like so many other business.  Lean times but they worked to stay afloat and then they realized that more was needed. ckfbCurry Kitchen on Facebook

There was a hunger issue happening.  So many in the area were out of work, so many were unable to get where they needed to be to get food.  So many were afraid, so many were unsure, so many were alone.  Raj made the miracle happen.  He began to just feed the community for free.  

In the ballpark of 23,000 meals provided during the height of the chaos.  Some would come for a daily meal, some would come in need to feed a family.  Some would come with the hopes of being able to get something to eat for a couple of days.  If the food was there, it was provided.  10's of thousands fed with no questions asked and directly from the heart.  This is purely an example of the best of all of us, and it's time for all of us to pay this back.

What's needed now?  Well, how bout this?  We've seen more than one restaurant miracle happen here lately.  Let's make one more.  We're asking you to order from Raj directly.  The delivery services are great, but as Raj explains too, for that ease, they are making 30-40% and getting that back directly is a big deal.  He's also understandably frustrated about the 25% capacity for in person dining at the moment, but that is said to be changing soon and hopefully that helps.  In the mean time, mask up, follow your nose to the smells of the Curry Kitchen and enjoy a meal!  Never had it?  What?  Why would you not try something new?  

As the word got out last night that the Curry Kitchen needed help, we understood that a first thing in the morning visit was coming and we knew too that it was on us to help you meet a neighbor who's willingness to give needed to be met equally or surpassed with no strings attached, so, while we stood out front with the sounds and smells of Third Street swirling around with was of the very clear mindset that it was on us to do our part to celebrate a hero and offer you a reminder of what's been done.  Take a listen. 


We don't have a lot to give here at the Muskegon Channel just yet.  We like to think that we're an incredibly humble and grateful growing organization and we use our talents to reflect the people and places that show everything that is incredible about Muskegon.  Raj and family have been here for years.  They were on Third Street before any of the renovation took place and working to better the "Midtown" neighborhood before it was even renamed.  This is 100% a call to everyone who's a reader of viewer of what we do to help them out.  Call direct to order.  231-571-9777.  Stop in and see them on Third Street.  Return this miracle that happened almost a year ago and show the world once again the resilliance and strenght that lies within all of us in Muskegon.  We don't let our own fail.  Raj....thanks for being a shining example of what it means to be an outstanding part of our community.  Find them online by clicking below.

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