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As you may recall, last July in the height of all we've been dealing with, the Michigan laws changed when it comes to auto insurance and what's required to be carried.  It was a sweeping change that quite honestly, this author doesn't completely understand so, the safe assumption is that there's a few more questions out there still from others as well.  Jason Ryan from State Farm Insurance on the other hand knows his stuff and he's able to explain it in terms that anyone can understand.   


From the State of Michigan's website about the auto insurance reform - "Michigan had the highest auto insurance benefits, but also had the highest costs. Mandatory unlimited Personal Injury Protection (PIP) medical benefits proved too expensive for many Michigan families. Some drivers who could not afford costly unlimited coverage were driving uninsured. Drivers will now have a choice to reduce their premiums for the medical portion of PIP by relying on their own health insurance for their medical bills.  Michigan’s new law lowers premiums while still offering you a choice of coverage options including unlimited lifetime PIP medical benefits."  That helps explain some of it, but the nuance to it all is where experts like Jason come in to take a really good look at what you have, what you need and how they can custom tailor a policy to not only meet what's needed, but keep the price within reach.

It all kind of hit us by surprise last summer and Jason was incredible in his explanation then, and a review was in order now that we're a year in.  So take a few minutes today and learn a little more about the lingering questions that remain about personal injury in Michigan auto insurance from Jason Ryan of State Farm!


So, this is the update and it's filled with a lot of info, but...if you missed last Summer's talk, you're going to find that below the link to Jason's page. If all of this insurance stuff is's a tip, don't leave it to some fly by night over the phone or web insurance company. Take the time to let qualified professionals that do more than check a box learn your needs, find you the best policy and price and help you assure that all you need covered, is covered. Jason Ryan of State Farm is just that guy! Please, use the link below to get the process started today!

jason ryan sf


Here's the discussion from last year about auto insurance reform if you need a refresher!