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An update from Kathy Moore at Public Health - Muskegon County for March 10th. Muskegon County numbers are still lower than surrounding communities and that's a good thing. 2 variants have been found in the county and they are being monitored closely. Our timeline on returning to normal and why things are still getting cancelled. Vaccines are coming in to Muskegon at a much more steady pace. People can turn down a particular manufacturer of a vaccine and wait, however they can't pick and choose. Setting up a specialty clinic for members of the community under special circumstances. The next few steps? Slow and steady as it goes, please follow the relaxed guidelines but be cautious and how thankful we all are to have the community we do around us. We're the best at circling the wagons in Muskegon.



Would you like to keep up with Public Health Muskegon County and their COVID Updates? Click on their image below! To register to get your vaccine please click on either the Mask Up Muskegon logo or the Meijer Clinic logo and help stop the spread!

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