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In December Shon Cook had the idea of extending a hand to 501c3 organizations who've been impacted over the last year due to all we've been through with the pandemic and the shutdowns and re-opens, and the shut downs and on and on.  It was an idea that we hoped took off and Shon even backed it up with $500 of her own dollars to help the cause and it kind of primed things to get going.  For the first couple of months, we were able to match it with what we had left over and it was a thrill to be able to help a little too.  Then as suspected, the idea grabbed some legs and Scherdel Sales and Technology of Muskegon stepped up and said they wanted in too, so after we did a little talking, they joined not only to share the chance to benefit some great organizations, but to spread the word that they are seriously looking for some help at their place and are hiring!  Are you seeing how local media in action works.  We're kinda downright proud of that!


So, now, we've got 2 sponsors working together to benefit the greater good and they will be passing the baton back and forth over which organization is helped month to month.  Scherdel got the chance to pick in March and it's a non profit that might not look like one on the surface so much, but it is and it's an incredibly valuable asset to all of the community with the arts and culture they bring to so many, The West Michigan Symphony and The Block.

The Symphony and The Block have both been effected.  After all, how does any of their work go on when no one can come and see it?  The Symphony has done a couple of streamed shows over the last year, but the fact is that an art as high as the Symphony requires so much more than the music.  It's an interactive and immersive experience that draws from both the stage as well as the audience to make the experience complete.  Those who perform have been sidelined, those who support the show have too and those who cherish the experience...and all they bring with them to Downtown's been a void. 

Today, we gathered up the key players involved with making a Step it Up Muskegon Happen. Attorney Shon Cook, Kenneth Robison from Scherdel Sales and Manufacturing and Andrew Buelow from The Block and the West Michigan Symphony to hear a little about survival during the pandemic and then we dropped a little something their way to help along as we all work our way back to "normal", take a listen.


It's an incredible honor to have companies lining up behind us to help make a difference in Muskegon for the non profit organizations that matter to us all the most.  We have an incredible mixture of things that go into the enrichment of life for everyone here and arts and entertianment might not be the first thought of a non profit, that's how they roll and we hope that they like so many others can get back to making Muskegon so incredible again soon!  You can click on the links of all of today's participants to learn more about their endeavors!  Our many thanks to Shon and Scherdel for making this happen!



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