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March is Reading Month and it's being observed in a number of ways in Muskegon County.  Through the United Way you might see some of our area notable's growing their beards out for books through the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.  You may have seen some familiar faces reading to kids in class over Zoom.  Maybe you have a bigger stack of books coming home for kids to read or maybe it's already commonplace where you are, one thing we all know is that reading is a HUGE part of everything for the development of young minds and effects pretty much everything for the rest of life.


One thing reading leads to is writing and of course, once you can write, you can be heard!  Taking the time to write about what you are in need of, missing or need some action on is a key way to communicate in a proper tone and it also leaves a record that you had something to add.  Yes, commentary on social media seems to be the length most people will go to anymore when it comes to written communication and we see how incredibly effective that is for all of us right?  Well, in Muskegon we're being outsmarted by a 9 year old who's taken the time to encompass something he's in need of, something he misses and something he'd like some action taken on.  Hopefully, through the power or written communication we can find out a few things here get to the bottom of it all. 

Like you to meet Landon D.  Landon is visiting with us today with his mom Sarah who wanted to sit in incase Landon needed a hand with questions, but as you'll see, he's pretty much got this.  Landon is in the business of getting swings put back up at Pere Marquette.  He LOVES the new playground that was put in by the City of Muskegon, however his passion is swinging and as we all recall, there's an order of events that takes place for a proper day on the playground at the beach.  Things like swings, slides, monkey bars....they all work hand in hand for the experience and offer multiple disciplines for physical activity and engagement or maybe they just give you some space for your mind to wander while you swing and enjoy the view out over beautiful Lake Michigan.  Landon has even gone as far as thinking this all the way through to what colors the swings should be for optimal swinging satisfaction.

Of course, having a newsmaker like Landon on requires a special wardrobe so, we dressed for the part and had a talk with the guy.  He claims to be 90 in our interview, but he looks a little closer to 9.  Take a listen. 


So there it is! The power of the pen is at work and we'll be following up on this story in the coming days to see if anything can be done in the quest to return the swings to Landon's favorite spot.  We commend this young man for his willingness to take the very grown up approach to making things happen for the right reasons!  He sees a need that can be filled and he's off to do his part by asking and we'll do our part to by following up and following through.  Landon is an amazing 9 year old and we applaud his efforts!