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Kathy Moore from Public Health - Muskegon County joins us a ay early this week to discuss COVID in Muskegon for the week of March 16h. ZERO deaths from COVID in March or the last 2 weeks of Feb. Amazing news. How has COVID help Muskegon shine when it comes to those who rally together to solve problems. It's truly been remarkable. Common courtesy and the adaptability of our society compared to others. Where did the cold and flu season go? Find out! The speed of vaccinations, the age groups being focused on and how quickly things will open up for everyone. Final thoughts of deep gratitude from Kathy for everyone who's pitched in.


If you need your vaccination, it's go time!  If you're over 65 and not been seen.  Use the link below.   If you are in subsequent age groups and ready, stand by for detalis and places to get vaccinated.  We've made incredible progress since January and we need to keep pushiing no matter how tired we are.  You'll find the links to the county registration as well as Meijer below to make an appointment.  We'll catch up with Kathy again next week!

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