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This week, our time with Shon focuses on some parental rights you probably don't stop and consider much, but you need to especially if you are an unwed father of a new born.  In Michigan, things are a little tricky and having a highly qualified Family Law Attorney on your side like Shon is essential not only in the immediacy of the situation, but for the long term as well, because in Michigan without some legal action on behalf of the father of a child, they are basically a non issue when it comes to everything unless your ducks are in a row.


Shon doesn't necessarily see these rules as for to guys, in fact the word "archaic" came up during our chat but the law is the law and until it's changed working within the parameters of what's on the books.  What are the rights of dad's that have kids without being married?  For instance, if you are living together, out of wedlock and a baby comes along, even though the fathers name can be on the birth certificate, there are no legal rights without going through a process.  Even with the initial documentation, there's more to go through because at this point the mother still has single custody and single legal control over any decisions.  You could live together for years....and still not have rights if the child was born out of wedlock.   It matters not how long you've lived with or cared for a child, without the proper paperwork in place through the courts, guys who have kids have nothing if the kids come along out of wedlock.  It can be a nightmare situation and it's why Shon is here today to explain.

Listen carefully and learn.  Show provides great blanket advice, but every case is unique and if anything in here sounds like something you need a hand with, well, that's what Shon's here in advance to talk about.


Guys, know your rights.  This goes past the rights too, into responsibilities.  Knowing that there are legalities around stuff isn't a free pass on what you need to take care of as a man.  Clearly, the proper thing to do is to get ahold of Shon and get it all taken care of with the right paperwork and court filings.  If you're going to try and go the route of personal responsibility, know the wire you're walking and don't use it as an excuse to shirk responsibilities.  To get a hold of Shon, call 231-894-0909.  You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon direct and of course, you'll find her website linked below.

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