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A couple of months ago, we introduced Scherdel Sales and Technology of Muskegon to you and they were gracious enough to come on board with the Muskegon Channel to help out in our push called Step It Up Muskegon where we find 501c3 charitable organizations and give them a little boost financially as well as some recognition for the work they do and the people they serve.  Part of our agreement with Scherdel for this incredibly generous give is that we in turn help you get to know what goes on at Scherdel and how you might just find your way into a global company with endless advancement opportunities without even leaving Muskegon.  The best part about this partnership is that EVERYONE wins.  Charity get's a little help, Scherdel gets a recruiting platform and we get unprecedented access to what happens at this incredible company!


Today, we're back in the prototype department with Sam Gallmeyer.  Sam's a Hope College grad and he's explaining to us what it is to make a "prototype".  To begin, it's an idea.  Simple enough right?  From the idea comes a drawing usually and from that drawing highly skilled people set to work on making something come to life with full functionality that can benefit one or many different products.  At Scherdel, it could be mobility equipment, automobile needs, electronics, medical, machine systems and more.  Keep in mind, yes, they are right here in Muskegon but their reach all over the world diversifies their abilities to meet the needs of todays manufacturing demands and no matter where you are on the employment ladder, there could be something in Scherdel for you! scherdel 3Click Here For Current Job Openings

Today, Sam is talking about a little more graduated search.  They are looking for someone who's about at a journeymen level to help in the prototype department.  It's a highly skilled position that isn't exactly a starter gig.  Not to say you couldn't begin a career at Scherdel sweeping floors and work your way to it, but for now, they need someone who's able to hit the ground running and begin an incredible future with a global leader in all they do.  Some of the essential functions are - "Design tooling for prototype production, Ensure prototypes are completed to print specifications, on-time, and within SST systems, Improve inefficiencies and aide in the development of corrective actions for rejections, Ensures on-going checks and measurements of parts for customer documentation and internal verification,  Document tooling and setup sheets of current projects for future production, Establish standardization of the prototype shop.  There are plenty of great benefits too and you'll see those on the page linked to apply to the right.

For now, let's meet Sam.  It's a great conversation about the incredible things people do and how Scherdel can make a gigantic difference in your career.  Take a listen. 


Got the skills? Drop that resume!  This is our second visit to Scherdel and it's just an amazing place.  Happy people.  Clean environment.  AMAZING technology and a mentality of teamwork, togetherness and family.  Everyone there is on the path to make sure the success of one is resonated to the entire team and that permeates through the building.  If you're ready for the prototype job or looking for a place to start a lasting career that can take you all over the world, look no further than the East end of Laketon in Muskegon where you're sure to find a home at Scherdel Sales and Technology.