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The legal profession is big.  Some would go as far as to call it a vast universe of endless specialties that are difficult for even the most polished and knowledgeable in the field to get a complete grasp on.  Any number of legality specialties are a good starting point to begin a specific search for an attorney that can help you out depending on what you need, but there are some other nuances to selecting an attorney that should be key factors in your decision before you lock in and get to work.


Shon Cook takes the time this week to help everyone understand that it's so much more than just the legal specialty.  Sure, there are attorney's that specialize in things like criminal law or family law.  Some who are experts in contracts, others in real estate or probate.  We could write 10 pages about the areas of specialty but hopefully, you're getting the point by now.  There are also those who resort to a Google search, or if you are of a certain age.....once upon a time there was this thing called a "phone book" and in that book there were some yellow pages that had nice and smiley pictures of attorneys and of course, today....there's always the vast knowledge of the social media world where you just post "Does anyone know a good lawyer?"  

Shon points out that there are a few key things to think about.  Trust.  Do you trust the lawyer you're going to be working with?  Can you see yourself in a relationship with them for a while as things go up and down in the world of legalities?  How long have they been in business?  Are they well established and recognized by clients and peers for the work they do?  Do they speak to you at a level that you can comprehend?  It's on you to spend a little time getting to know some attorney's by visiting them, interviewing them and checking credentials other than what you hear from your buddies, friends neighbor guy down the street who might have recommended a lawyer to you on Facebook.

It's a complicated process, and maybe it should be.  After all, the decisions made are going to be lasting a while and not to be entered into lightly.  So, let's take a listen to Shon's thoughts on picking a proper attorney for your needs on Saturday's with Shon, on the Muskegon Channel.


It might seem like layers added on top of an already difficult process but the necessity is there for a long and lasting relationship with someone who's not only going to be your advocate through some pretty choppy waters, they are helping you with the next phase of what's to come in life.  If it's a civil or criminal proceeding knowing you have the right representation on your side is key and that what you are spending the money for and on is going to be the absolutely best thing when it comes to the outcome of your case.  If you need more help, a call to Shon is all it takes.  231-894-0909.  You can CLICK HERE to email Shon and of course, if you'd like to contact her through the web, click on the image blow to visit her website.

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