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What inspires us can sometimes make a world of difference not only in the way our lives are led, but in how we can take what we've learned and help others with it.  In some cases there might just be a niche to be filled when it comes to what's needed to help the inspirations come true.  Such is the case of Eric Sobczak who's opened a store and eatery on Harvey Street in Norton Shores called Healthy Done Better.  We'll bounce back to Eric's story momentarily, it's a good one.


Healthy Done Better is a new sponsor of our publications.  It's a new kind of thing for us too, because a regular customer of theirs who absolutely loves the story behind the store and the never ending selection of "the good stuff" made a little contact with us and said that they would like to secretly gift them the sponsorship.  Truly, we're busing at the seams to let the cat out of the bag as to who their Good Samaritan is, but a deal is a deal and we said we'd keep it under our hat.  Like any sponsor however, we like to sit down and meet up with them and we like to introduce you to them in a little more than a 30 second sound byte thing, so here we are. eric wifeFollow Healthy Done Better on Facebook

Healthy Done Better carries a vast selection of whole foods.  Foods that are not all of the processed and refined things that you often find most places.  No matter where you look, high sugar content, high sodium content, and artificial ingredients make up a lot of what we eat.  Things that are becoming more and more relevant to dietary issues too like gluten, dyes, sweeteners, preservatives and more make healthy eating next to impossible for a lot of people and to find the kind of products that people either want or require is a little on the difficult side where we live.  Not only will you find these whole foods under one roof, you will find a nice selection of added supplements, some incredible healthy treats, freshly ground organic coffee and so much more.  The pricing of their product lines is on par with what you'd spend shopping elsewhere and you can trust, and that trust...comes from someone who's walked the walk.

Store founder Eric Sobczak weighed in at 400 pounds plus.  He was diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic and the additional weight he was carrying was breaking down all the rest of the moving parts he had as it will doing all the extra work of carrying essentially another person with him.  The other side effects were all there too, sleep apnea, A1C and all of the things we hear over and over and as the Dr's began to start to come up with "band aids" to fix parts of the problems here or there, Eric decided to go a little further and learn the mechanics of the body and how it reacts to the food that goes in.  To make a long story short, he did all the research on "what you put in is what you get out" and found that his diet needed a dramatic shift instead of a temporary fix and it was going to be a complete lifestyle change.  With that change off came the loss of 165 pounds, the dismissal of Type 2 and ease and comfort at rest without the apnea.  What was gained?  A world of knowledge and belief and a mission to spread this word to others and make it easier for them to find the path he's on to establish the new life choices.  Like most any great success, there's plenty of credit to his beautiful wife who jumped in both feet first and supported not only the journey with the changes, but the opening of the store.  Even in the time of COVID and quarantines they have persisted in their dream and continue to press on with that dream for the benefit of others.  

So, on a sunshine filled Saturday, we masked up and took the drive out by the Lakes Mall to find Eric and tell him about the gift he's been given from a generous supporter who believes in him and his store, take a listen and look at all things Healthy Done Better!


Setting up a store and selling things is something anyone can do. To make life changes that require self discipline and understanding of the root cause of what's effecting us is where change truly begins and from there, when we take what we've learned and spread that to others with the passion and wisdom of walking the path ahead of them.  In the case of Healthy Done Better, not only did a transformation unfold in Eric's life, but he chose to better the community with it and that makes it pretty easy to see why a customer decided that helping them out was a good thing to do.  Make sure you stop in or visit Healthy Done Better Market and Eatery online.  You'll find them linked below. 

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